Hochzeit Im Schnee Corvara Alta Badia

Hey lovebirds, adventurers, and those seeking a touch of winter magic for your vows – welcome to the heart of the Dolomites! I’m Ellen, your local elopement photographer in the Dolomites, and I’m about to spill the beans on why winter elopements in this snow-kissed wonderland are the stuff dreams are made of.

From snow-covered peaks and cozy mountain lodges, to a backdrop that looks like it’s been plucked straight from a fairy tale. The Dolomites in winter aren’t just beautiful; they’re truly enchanting. As someone who calls these majestic mountains home, I’ve put together the ultimate guide for those daring enough to embrace the chill and embark on a winter elopement adventure.

So, grab your coziest blanket, and a mug of hot cocoa, and dive into the magical world of Winter Elopements in the Dolomites.


Advantages & Unique Vibes Of A Winter Elopement In The Dolomites

A winter elopement in the Dolomites isn’t your typical “I do” affair; it’s a journey for those who like to break away from the norm, for the adventurous souls seeking a wedding that steps outside the usual elopement season.
It’s possible to craft an enchanting, romantic and snug atmosphere amid the snow-kissed mountains experience, but it’s not just about dreamy vibes; if you’re up for some action, we can totally go skiing, snowboarding, or getting the excitement of a husky sledge ride too!
Choosing a winter elopement in the Dolomites isn’t just about an out-of-the-ordinary experience; it also means more options and flexibility with vendors. It’s the perfect blend of unconventional charm and practical advantages for your unique love story in the heart of winter wonder.
Also, the afterglow with a glass of wine in a cozy mountain hut in front of a fireplace or getting in a hot tube in the spa after a cold action day, just hits different – are you with me? 😉


Winter & Climate – Perfect Time For A Winter Elopement In The Dolomites

For your winter elopement in the Dolomites, understanding the climate, weather, and especially the daytime is crucial. Let’s dig into the various winter months, weighing their pros and cons.

Contrary to what one might assume, December isn’t necessarily the coldest month; it’s the darkest, yet it can be relatively warm. The chill usually intensifies around mid-January, and temperatures might drop to -20°C, particularly on clear days. So, bundle up!

While March and April bring milder temperatures, making them the warmest months for a winter elopement in the Dolomites, they might not offer the classic winter wonderland setting. However, they are perfect for enjoying some slope fun and basking in the warm sun while enjoying local delicacies on the hut terraces.


Here’s a breakdown of the average winter temperatures in the Dolomite mountains:

December -5° / -10° Hours of daylight ~8:30h

January -6° / -11° Hours of daylight ~9:00h

February -6° / -11° Hours of daylight ~10:20h

March -3° / -10° Hours of daylight ~12:00h

April 0° / -7° Hours of daylight ~13:00h


Mastering Your Winter Elopement Schedule

A winter elopement in the Dolomites requires a distinctive schedule compared to a typical summer elopement. Due to the significantly shorter days from November to February, it’s crucial to acknowledge the brevity of daylight during this period. Winter elopements in the Dolomites typically have a shorter duration compared to their summer counterparts, with 6 hours of photography often sufficient to capture the day effectively.

Starting early is key to maximizing the available daylight and ensuring ample time for all planned activities, especially in the initial days of winter. Returning before the slopes close is equally important to prioritize safety and avoid any potential hazards associated with extended stays on the mountains.

A Multi-Day Elopement in the Dolomites

As the days in the Dolomites are short in winter, you can always consider having a multi-day elopement experience to make your elopement even more special and have 2 completely different kinds of days.
For example, you can use one day to have a romantic ceremony in the forests and stay with your closest people in a chalet afterward; while seeking the adventure and hitting the slopes for some action shots the day after!

Mountain Hut Winter Elopement Dolomites

What to Wear for a Winter Elopement In The Dolomites?

As we see in the above section, each month is differently cold and warm. As for December to February I highly recommend to dress in some more layers and get thermic underwear to feel even more at ease without looking like Bibendum (The Michelin tires mascotte).
For mid-February to April, you can dress a bit lighter and expect sunnier days and sunnier spots overall in the Dolomites.
Generally, I recommend dressing in layers that you can put on and put off as you prefer.
Also, if you’re planning to ski or snowboard, to get yourselves dresses you can easily move in.

The most important piece of clothing are the shoes! Make sure you’ve got waterproof and warm shoes (no matter the month you’re eloping). You always need warm feet.
After that, gloves and if you want a beanie.


Winter Activities For Your Special Day

A winter elopement in the Dolomites opens the door to a variety of activities distinct from those available in summer! The most thrilling options include skiing, snowboarding, husky sledding, hot air balloon rides, ice skating, snowmobiling, and traditional sledding.

For those seeking a more relaxed experience, hot air balloon rides, easy winter hikes, horse sledding, and visits to animal parks to see reindeers are ideal choices. The winter months in the Dolomites present an abundance of romantic and action-packed activities, catering to every preference.


Locations For A Winter Elopement In The Dolomites

As a local elopement photographer, my commitment lies in protecting the beauty of our landscapes, and create experiences that respect the environments. Therefore, I seldom guide my clients to the popular spots in the Dolomites, opting instead for unique possibilities tailored to their preferences. This ensures that their winter elopement in the Dolomites resonates perfectly with their desired vibes.

Addressing common misconceptions about winter elopement locations:

  1. The Best Elopement Locations Are the Most Popular: Absolutely not! Popularity doesn’t equate to the best. Often, these spots are overcrowded and lack the charm you’re seeking.
  2. Summer Elopement Locations Are Available in Winter Too: Nope! Misleading information can lead to closed or inaccessible spots. Local knowledge is crucial to navigating the winter landscape effectively.
  3. You Can Reach Any Location in the Mountains as a Pedestrian: Unfortunately, not all lifts are accessible without skis, and some locations lack safe pedestrian areas. This can pose risks to both you and skiers.
  4. Lakes Are Wonderful in Winter: While lakes are beautiful, they’re often hidden under snow in winter. Unless used for ice skating and cleared of snow, they might not offer the picturesque views you envision.


Safety is decisive. Working with locals, especially in winter when locations vary, ensures your safety and prevents potentially hazardous situations.

Choosing a winter elopement location in the Dolomites requires customization. Factors like snow conditions, weather, and your preferences influence the recommendations I provide. If you’re dreaming of a winter elopement in the Dolomites, reach out, and let’s collaborate to bring your ideas to life! 🤗


Dolomites Winter Elopement Ceremony Spot Ideas

won’t pinpoint specific locations, as they need to be tailored to your wants and needs, but I can offer inspiration for your winter elopement ceremony in the Dolomites:

The Mountain Hut: Perched high in the mountains, featuring a small setting near the hut.

Private Chalet: Nestled near villages, you can have your elopement ceremony inside by the fireplace or outdoors, surrounded by expansive mountain views.

Chapel: Scattered in picturesque mountain locations, some accessible on foot, others requiring skis.

Snowy Forests: Magical and intimate in winter, especially if a river flows through, with sunlight filtering through the trees.

Mountain Tops: (Reachable by Lift): Offering wide views or a 360° panorama of nearby mountains.

Winter Wonderland Clearing: Surrounded by close iced mountains, creating a fairytale-like setting.

Museum or Castle: Some museums and castles allow legal marriages, offering spectacular views or an enchanting medieval ambiance.

Alpaca Winter Wedding Dolomites

Top 4 Travel Tips To Safely Get to the Dolomites in Winter:

Travelling to the Dolomites in winter can be a majestic or chaotic experience, contingent on the weather. Heavy snowfall may catch unprepared tourists off guard, leading to challenges and rescue situations. To ensure your journey is smooth and hassle-free, consider these essential tips:

Winter-Ready Driving:

Prepare Your Vehicle: Whether renting a car or driving your own, equip it for winter conditions, irrespective of the weather. Winter tires are non-negotiable, and having snow chains is advisable in the event of heavy snowfall. Familiarize yourself with driving in icy or snowy conditions for a safer and more comfortable journey.
Also: Heads up on windshield wiper water & fuel! Make sure you fill up your car with antifreeze water and winter diesel fuel, as the “normal” one will freeze and get you stuck. Or get yourselves a gasoline/petrol car – that won’t freeze for sure.

Check Weather Conditions:

Stay Informed: Dolomite winter weather can be unpredictable. Regularly check weather forecasts and road conditions before your trip. Sudden snowstorms or icy roads can impact travel plans, so staying informed is crucial for a smooth journey. If you’re using public transport, anticipate delays or possible cancellations.
If you’re travelling by public transport: Expect Delays: be prepared for potential delays or even cancellations. Winter conditions can impact schedules, and staying flexible is key to navigating any changes that may arise.

Verify Mountain Pass Accessibility:

Check Closures: Some mountain passes may close during or after heavy snowfalls, and others have seasonal closures. Check the websites of local traffic reporting centers to confirm the status of passes. Ensure alternative routes are available if needed. If you book me for your winter elopement in the Dolomites, rest assured I’ll assist with such details!

Be Prepared For Possible Limited Services in Remote Areas:

In the more secluded reaches of the Dolomites, particularly at higher elevations, it’s essential to anticipate limited services during winter. Certain mountain passes or trails may be inaccessible, and select accommodations or restaurants could operate with reduced hours. When crafting your itinerary, factor in these considerations and verify the availability of services in the specific areas you intend to explore. This foresight ensures a well-prepared and seamless experience as you navigate the winter landscape of the Dolomites.


Inspirational Story from a real Dolomites Winter Elopement

My Favorite Winter Elopement in the Dolomites 💙 (so far 😉)

Eleonore and Tim’s winter elopement in the Dolomites was truly magical, despite the moody weather. The morning unfolded with the excitement of getting ready and enjoying breakfast nearby. Many hotels in the area are exceptionally accommodating for elopements, going above and beyond by delivering breakfast to the room or preparing delightful surprises for the couple – a touch of cuteness that adds to the special day!

Eleonore wore lovely white combat boots and cozy socks, complemented by shiny silver accessories that enhanced her elegant braid. Her lace and chiffon wedding dress with a wide neckline, topped with a rosé fur jacket, created a look that I absolutely adored! Tim’s pastel light blue outfit perfectly complemented their overall style.

Following the getting ready phase, Eleonore and Tim chose the hotel hall for their first look moment. The wedding ceremony took place at the mountain museum, just a lift ride away from their hotel and conveniently situated on the slopes. After the ceremony, we enjoyed a small picnic inside the museum and captured more photographs before returning to gear up for skiing and snowboarding.

The hotel had a delightful surprise in store, and the wedding planner added to the excitement with a small wedding cake. Eleonore and Tim, brimming with joy from all the surprises, eagerly headed to the slopes for some fun! We paused in a small forest spot to capture more romantic pictures before sliding back into all the action!

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How Much Does A Winter Elopement in the Dolomites Cost?

ow much a winter wedding costs depends a lot on what your heart desires. Here is an example of a week, 2 people and costs for a minimal and lovely winter elopement. 


4-Star Hotel With Half Board: ≈€3000
Skipass: ≈€580
Ski Rental: ≈€150 – ≈€300
Eat & Drink: ≈€560
Flowers: ≈€320
Hair: ≈€100 – ≈€350
Makeup: ≈€200 – ≈€400
Wedding Planner: ≈€2800 – ≈€4500
Photographer (Me): ≈€6000 – ≈€8000


 A winter wedding in the mountains of South Tyrol costs roughly ≈€13.710 – ≈€18.010


Planning Resources and Dolomites Winter Elopement Services:

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