I’m Ellen and my family sees me as a bit of a guerilla. But I know what I want and I actually enjoy being the black sheep. It gives me so much more freedom.
And I know that you are also a bit rebel, because you don’t believe in doing the same as everyone else, and that’s why I’m the perfect person to help you. Us rebels should stick together!

The Turning Point

From the moment I photographed my first ski wedding, I knew my calling was to support couples who don’t see themselves having a traditional kind of wedding day, and want to get married in a way that truly represents them. No compromises.

I would describe myself like this: Energetic, Outgoing and Enthusiastic

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Ellen Alfreider | Wedding Photographer Dolomites

Why do I photograph



Because elopements and intimate ceremonies give me a feeling of warmth, freedom and authenticity.

Elopements give me goosebumps and
the urge to twerk upside down!

I believe that small weddings allow you to simply be yourself, without having to please anyone.
For this reason, I want to encourage couples to do
what they feel is right for them!




You are interested in an intimate, unique and “wooo wooo” type of wedding experience – that makes you feel yourself!

You feel that a traditional wedding is not exactly the wedding you dream of, and you are looking for a person who will support you  100%.

You want to get married in a place that will make you fall in love and screech of emotion more than any firework at midnight. Free interpretation.


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What Do I Do In My Free Time?

In my spare time, I cuddle with my cattos, talk nonsense and send silly photos / memes to my friends.

I often go out for walks with my boyfriend and we talk a lot about cool cars and investments. Yes, I buy stocks on the market.

Moreover, when I have a lot of free time I like to go like 2 days on holidays.
In first place, I go around the corner, here in the Dolomites, or I go to an amusement park.

In short, I love the mountains and roller coasters.
Ah… And for those who haven’t understood it yet,
I love puns and iron-knees!

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