Couple Having Their First Look At Their Elopement Wedding In The Dolomites, Colfosco


First look photographs are a moment taken completely for you, to make your day begin in a meaningful and mindful way. It’s a moment made to allow yourselves to feel whatever hits you, to cry or dance or laugh. A first look is a golden moment for you. Let’s check what the first look at a wedding is, how it works and why you should plan it into your wedding schedule.


What is a first look photo?

First Look Photos are those photographs taken when the wedding couple sees each other for the first time in intimacy. This normally is a private moment, with no one else around, and the photographs are usually taken in a spot outdoors.


How do first looks work?

Here are no real rules, and you can bring your own ideas to make the first look very unique.
Although, one partner should wait for the other to arrive at the special spot, looking in the opposite direction of the one coming along, or covering the eyes.
To reveal the arrival, the partner can do whatever – kiss, touch, hug from behind or use a bit of creativity.


What happens during a first look?

Besides the actual first look of the wedding couple, there can happen whatever the couple wishes. Mostly it’s a moment for the wedding partners to share their love and enjoy the beginning of their new lives. Usually, couple photographs are taken right after the fatidical first meet the as wedding partners.


Groom Waiting For The Bride For The First Look Between Spouses - Wedding In The Dolomites, Colfosco

Why do people do first look photos?

People choose to do first look photos to have a special moment for themselves. So that they simply can see each other, cry if they want, kiss and enjoy the time together before starting the day.


Should I do first look photos?

This is totally up to you, but I highly recommend it for couples who get ready separately from each other and would love the first look to be super special, intimate and private.
If you give this moment a big meaning, first look photographs are the best way to do it.


Is it better to do a first look?

I highly recommend it – the first moment you’ll see your partner as a spouse won’t happen twice. Same as the getting ready, the first look is a highly emotional moment and you should take it for yourself and make it special!
Also, you’ll feel relieved from the nervosity that hits you when getting ready. Having the first look, you’ll allow yourself to slow down, calm and enjoy your partner’s presence. As an Elopement Photographer in the Dolomites, First Look Photos are one of my biggest recommendations to make your wedding experience even more incredible!


Can you kiss during your first look?

You can do whatever you want! So hell yes to any kind of kisses during the first look!


Alternatives to the first look photos: first touch – what is the first touch at the wedding?

A first touch is similar to the first look, but instead of seeing each other, you just can feel each other, by covering your eyes or having a door between you and hold your hands for example. Another good idea to have the first touch is to meet at the corner of a house and just touch your hands, standing both with the back on the house wall.

You can also stand back to back to one another, and read a small letter for each other.


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First Look Photos At Your Wedding Why That Moment Is Golden

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