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-Ellen, Your Photographer and Shiny Unicorn-

I’m the kind of supporter
That always has your back and takes you Where you really want!


That’s what I love to do for you:

  • Break wedding rules that don’t serve you, and give you tailored, spanking new ideas instead!
  • Make sure you avoid typical tourists mistakes that end up with huge disappointments! (Because I’m not here to build my portfolio in famous locations, but to elevate your adventure and make you feel the real mountains)
  • Keep you warm, safe and in a good mood – for your day to be all comfy womfy and not awky wardy


What’s the investment?

  • For weddings, the average investment is €8500
  • For couple sessions & proposals, the average investment is €2700.


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Postal Address

Ellen Alfreider
Str. SorΓ , 20
39030 – Colfosco in Badia (BZ)


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+39 3485828136

Working Hours

I live on my own terms & complete anarchy. 😎
But usually, I happen to answer the emails superfast ⚑ from 9:00am to 18:00pm, unless I’m not taking extra time off for whatever reason.
Sunday & Monday are generally my adventure days, so please be a bit more patient if you reach out on those days. πŸ•β€
If you don’t hear back from me within 3 days, drop me a message on WhatsApp!