Explore enchanting ideas for a fantasy wedding in the picturesque Dolomites. From mystical ceremonies in secluded forest clearings to epic waterfalls and alpine meadows, discover inspiring locations for your fantasy elopement.
Dive into creative activities, such as a fantasy photoshoot or interacting with animals, adding an artistic touch to your special day. Unleash your imagination and plan a magical celebration with personalized touches, captured beautifully by a former fantasy photographer. Your fantasy wedding adventure awaits in the heart of the Dolomites.


Fantasy Wedding Dress & Fantasy Outfits For Everyone

The most obvious start for a fantasy wedding is a fantasy wedding dress. The term “fantasy” covers many styles, from an elven-inspired fantasy wedding gown to a goth wedding dress gowns or medieval-inspired outfits. These accessories are meant to enhance the fantasy themed wedding,  while allowing the individuals to express their personalities and connect with the magical ambience of their fantasy elopement. Customization and personalization play a key role in making these accessories meaningful for the relationship. Let’s explore the possibilities for all the folks and styles.


Airy & Earthy Fantasy Wedding Dress Inspiration & Fantasy Outfits For Everyone



Imagine a flowing gown with intricate lace and ethereal fabrics, reminiscent of elven attire.
Soft, earthy tones like moss green, deep forest blue, or muted gold can add a touch of fantasy.
With it, you can add an elven circlet, featuring intricate elven-inspired designs, incorporating nature motifs like leaves or vines.



Envision a dress inspired by classic fairy tales, with layers of tulle, delicate embroidery, and a subtle hint of sparkle.
Consider pastel colors like blush pink, lavender, or powder blue for a dreamy aesthetic.
The accessories can be a tiara with fairy-tale elements, such as small crystals, pearls, or tiny star-shaped embellishments for a touch of magic.


Forest Spirits – Day & Night Spirits

Night Forest Spirit:
Explore a gown with celestial motifs like stars, moons, or constellations.
Opt for a deep navy or midnight blue color to evoke the enchanting beauty of the night sky.
Enhance the look with a veil featuring celestial details like embroidered stars or a shimmering fabric reminiscent of the night sky.

Day Forest Spirit:
Envision an outfit inspired by nature, with botanical patterns, earthy tones, and layered textures.
Incorporate a mix of androgynous elements for a harmonious, nature-inspired look.
Use a hairpin or barrette featuring botanical designs like leaves or flowers to complement a nature-inspired ensemble.


Goth Wedding Dress Inspiration & Dark Outfits For Everyone


Witches & Wizards

Imagine a robe that exudes mystical charm, crafted from rich, dark fabrics with subtle patterns hinting at magical symbols.
Deep shades like midnight black, royal purple, or deep burgundy can evoke an air of mystery and power.
Complete the ensemble with a fantasy headdress with horns and adorns featuring mystical symbols, or a shiny fabric cloak.



Envision a goth wedding dress that combines elegance with a touch of darkness. A sleek, fitted gown or suit in deep burgundy or midnight black can capture the vampire allure.
Consider accessories like a blood-red velvet cape or a choker with a subtle Gothic design for a mysterious touch.
To add a vampiric edge, opt for makeup with deep, dramatic tones and subtle glitter accents.



Explore a robe that reflects otherworldly power, incorporating dark and vibrant hues like deep blue, emerald green, or royal purple.
Add magical symbols or runes as embroidery or accents to enhance the mystical vibe.
Top it off with a hooded cloak that billows dramatically, creating an aura of arcane prowess.



Fantasy Wedding Accessoires

Fantasy Wedding Bouquet & Boutonnieres
Get an airy and soft fantasy-inspired bouquet with feathers, crystals and ribbons – and for a darker look find some small details like skulls, spider pins or a tiny voodoo doll to put into the bouquet to give your fantasy wedding dress the final look.
Also: You can use skulls, spider pins or a tiny voodoo doll as a boutonniere too.

Customized Fantasy Wedding Rings
Design wedding rings with special materials or unique and personalized elements, such as engraved runes, symbols, or gemstones that hold special significance for you.

Fantasy Headdresses & Headpieces
The headdresses can be simple like an elven circlet, a tiara or floral crowns. But it can also be a bigger headdress with a lot of details, jewellery and also horns and small branches. A witch hat can also be an alternative to complete a goth wedding dress look.

Swords & Wands
Incorporate a fantasy wedding sword as a striking accessory, symbolizing the forging of a new beginning and of reciprocating protection.
A wand is perfect to give the goth wedding dress the final dark magic touch.


Decorations & Details

For a magical and ethereal feel, you can add some decorations and details to make your fantasy wedding even more inspiring and immersive. These details combine to create a fantasy-filled atmosphere, where the natural beauty of the Dolomites serves as the perfect backdrop for a charming fantasy elopement. Here are my top 6 ideas for adding a touch of magic to your fantasy wedding with ethereal decorations and details:

Mystical Lanterns and Fairy Lights:
Adorn the venue with enchanting lanterns and fairy lights, creating a magical glow reminiscent of fireflies dancing in the night. This is especially beautiful for fantasy wedding ceremonies at dawn.

Runic Pathway Markers:
Line the path to the ceremony site with runic symbols, guiding the individuals through a mystical journey to their union.

Floating Floral Arrangements:
Suspend floral arrangements from the trees or create floating floral orbs, giving the impression of blossoms hovering in mid-air.

Woodland Altar with Draped Fabrics:
Craft a woodland altar adorned with draped fabrics in earthy tones, creating a sacred space within the embrace of nature.

Crystal and Gemstone Accents:
Integrate crystals and gemstones into the decor, both as altar centerpieces and scattered details, invoking a sense of magical energy.

Fantasy-Themed Wedding Cake:
Commission an out-of-the-box wedding cake, themed as your wedding, with goth or fairy accents with unusual colors and glitter.
The cake could also have a skull or other interesting fantasy-inspired forms.


Fantasy Wedding Ceremony & Vows

A fantasy wedding gives you possibilities beyond the conventional rituals and traditions. As you officially have the permission to embrace your nerdy being, you’re also officially permitted to invent a new fantasy wedding ceremony from scratch and ways to incorporate some fantasy stuff into your vows, taking some inspiration from fantasy movie rituals and spells. Here are some fantasy wedding celebrations for you to take inspiration from:


Fantasy Wedding Vows

Incorporate the elements (earth, air, fire, water) into your vows, expressing commitments tied to the strength of the mountains, the fluidity of rivers, the warmth of fire, and the freedom of the wind.

Reference celestial bodies and constellations to symbolize each other’s guiding star, or to create your own constellation together.

If you have a polyamorous relationship and want to give it a special place, embrace the idea of interconnected constellations, expressing vows that acknowledge and celebrate the unique connections each partner brings to the “celestial network” of your shared love.

To make your vows even more charming, use magical metaphors from fantasy worlds that hold personal significance. For example, promise to be each other’s unwavering Patronus, providing protection and comfort.


Fantasy Wedding Ceremony Ideas

These fantasy wedding ceremony ideas are also ideal for the non-monogamous folks who want to celebrate their 💥 “wedd-thing”.

Potion & Lembas of Love:
Playfully reference potions or elixirs from fantasy lore, promising to create your own special love potion with unique ingredients that represent the essence of your relationship. This is inspired from the classical wine ceremony, where you create a new blend of wine by mixing them together.
With the potion you can also add the element of Lembas (or journey/elfen bread) as a symbolization of a new adventure together – put together the recipe, and bake it at home the day after.

Fairy Sand Ceremony:
Similar but different is the sand ceremony: Blend different colored sands into a single container, representing the unity of your lives. Each sand color signifies the uniqueness of the individuals coming together. The combined sand mixture serves as a lasting visual reminder of their intertwined destinies. You can use glittery sand that reminds you of fairy dust.

Fantasy Handfasting:
Craft vows that explicitly recognize the multiple dimensions and constellations of love within your relationships, promising to cherish and nurture each unique connection.

Local Dolomites Legends & Stories:
Implement a local legend of the Dolomites or mystical stories of the mountains into your fantasy wedding ceremony.

Spellbinding Music:
Make a spellbinding playlist, that could be epical movie music, fairy music or also magically dark music like Nox Arcana playlists.

Magical Element Ceremony:
Exchange magical objects instead of traditional rings. These can be personalized wands or stones from your favourite fantasy series. Wave your wands or use the stones during a special incantation or as a symbol of your union.

Moonlit or Starlit Ceremony:
Plan your elopement ceremony under the moonlight or amidst the stars. This adds a celestial and otherworldly touch to your celebration and is a very outside-the-box idea.

Magical Painting:
Paint your magical piece of art and draw your vows on a canvas as sign of collaboration and shared journey of co-creating a life and love together. Use your hands, or use elements like feathers, gems and stones to embellish the painting.
Or also paint your own vows and gift the painting to your love during the ceremony.


Fantasy Elopement Locations

There are a variety of locations that the Dolomites can offer for elopements. Some of them are particularly suited as fantasy elopement locations. I have a few ideas for you:

Enchanted Forest Clearing:
A secluded clearing within a forest, surrounded by towering trees, moss-covered rocks near a small mountain river, and leaves that filter the soft sunlight.

Mystical Mountain Lake:
A serene mountain lake hidden amidst the peaks, reflecting the surrounding beauty and providing a tranquil setting for an intimate ceremony.

Fairy-tale Meadow:
A vast meadow adorned with wildflowers, offering an open and magical space with panoramic views of the Dolomites.

Epic Waterfall:
A cascading waterfall down the rocks, creates an epic backdrop for beautiful photographs and moments of adventure

Secluded Alpine Valley:
A secluded valley with gentle rolling hills, and a few scattered rocks, make it a perfect fantasy elopement location.

Alpine Plateau: A high-altitude plateau surrounded by alpine flowers and grasses, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks, and small villages below.

Towering Rocks & Mountains:
A hidden location amongst mountains with unique rock formations, creates an otherworldly setting for a fantasy elopement ceremony.


Inspiring Activities For A Fantasy Wedding

Extra Fantasy & Artistic Photoshoot Time:
As a former fantasy photographer (that’s where my career started) I really enjoy and cherish artistic work. So beyond the authentic and candid moments, I love to let my creative vein flow.

Activities or Photoshoots With Animals:
I love animals, and why not implement such an idea into the fantasy wedding. You could rent a horse carriage or ride a horse with a fantasy wedding dress (and/or attires). If you’re lucky enough, you might be able to transform a horse into a unicorn (that would be the icing on the cake! 😉)
Or why not plan a photoshoot with owls, alpacas, reindeers or huskies?


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