What matters to you for your wedding aren’t those typical things…

You don’t care about lots of decorations, lots of invitees, lots of things that are simply “too much”.
So why try to fit into a box everybody else is?

I totally get you: What matters to you is a stress- & drama-free wedding, that gives you space to vibe out – to enjoy little things like holding hands whilst peacefully walking towards your perfect elopement spot or enjoy some scattered raindrops on your skin.

A strict timeline which is typical for big weddings isn’t for you, since you’re peppy peeps who simply like discovery, exploration and well, to spontaneously have an ice cream whenever just because.

That’s all I can give you as a Dolomites Wedding Photographer


Discover The Experience

your elopement’s an enrichment for your relationship.

An Elopement is a whole different thing, because it’s tailor made to you. There are no rules, and you can simply put every single piece of energy into what you love.
It’s an investment and commitment into the best moments of your lives, which will make you feel endlessly enriched.

It’s not about performances: It’s about letting your unfiltered self fly.

It’s not about frustrations & “having-tos”: It’s about your chest filled with those big positive emotions & having a freaking blast.

It’s about that no drama llama in you who enjoys the perfume of hot grass & the child in you who just wants to be carefreely stoked all over.

It’s everything you want it to be.

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An elopement is a spicy cocktail of emotions, just like a mental cinema coming true.


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Hi, I’m ellen

and I’m a local Dolomites Wedding Photographer.
My family sees me as a bit of a guerilla. I don’t like to follow old fashioned have-tos. Instead I stand for everything that isn’t regular and people who want to beat to their own drum.

After my first ski elopement wedding, I knew my calling was to support alternative couples who don’t see themselves having a traditional kind of wedding day.

“Elopements give me goosebumps and
the urge to twerk upside down!”


Brakes wedding rules that don’t serve you, and gives you tailored new ideas instead!

Makes sure you avoid typical tourists mistakes that end up with huge disappointments!

Keeps you warm, safe and in a good mood – for your day to be as amazeballs as possible!


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Ellen Alfreider Wedding Photographer Dolomites | Isis Sturtewagen Photography





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Let’s check if we’re a good fit and dream up your perfect day!

3. Book & Plan!

Book your day and get unlimited access to my shiny unicorn & superpowers as a wedding photographer in the Dolomites!

4. Enjoy!

Let’s go out there and have the best day ever!

No regrets. No compromises.

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Intimate AND SIMPLE Wedding in the Dolomites


Do you feel that nature is a place that connects and brings you back to peace but at the same time excites you?

That’s why an Dolomites elopement could be the right experience for you!

The Dolomites are full of wonderful places to celebrate a wedding in nature – free from any cliché.


The mountains are an idyllic place!

I believe that few places in the world give a feeling of freedom like them.

Why not also feel free on the wedding day, leaving all expectations behind?

A modern elopement consists of spending a day, or even more – in the name of love and the values ​​of alternative couples.
As a Dolomites Wedding Photographer, that’s my mission for you!

You are not forced to have the same wedding as your parents.


Feel free to go
where your heart takes you!

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Getting married in winter is perhaps one of the most rebellious things!

Hardly anyone gets married during the winter months, yet I believe there is nothing more romantic than a fireplace after a good ski-day in the Dolomites.

Are you a couple who loves walking or hiking in the mountains?
Well – so why not do it during your Dolomites elopement too?

For the reportage of our wedding, we essentially wanted photos capable of capturing – without clichés or staged photographs – the flow of unique emotions that would have generated that day.

Ellen, moving between us and our guests like a guardian angel, invisible to the eye but always present, has perfectly managed to capture the spontaneity of the gestures, the looks, the various moments of celebration, stopping them in images that we never tire of looking at, even weeks after that beautiful date.

Our wedding album is the result of a job done with great seriousness, passion and professionalism, in which we never felt treated by mere
buyers of a service, but as protagonists to be accompanied with discretion in their fairytale, trying to understand and best interpret their feelings.

Thank you!

Anita & Andrea

Brand Expert | Mantell Design

Mountain Wedding Happy Couple

Who doesn’t want that on their wedding day: a photographer who knows what you want and who also implements the wishes.

A photographer who calms the wedding couple and brings them across in the photos as they are. The moments captured in photos that are most important and at the same time beautifully reproduce spontaneous situations.

We had it all with Ellen. Our wedding day was just fantastic and her photos made it PERFECT. Even when the weather turned and got worse, she had everything in hand. She encouraged us and so the photos were a great success in the rainy hours. A huge thank you!

We can only recommend Ellen to everyone.

Simone & stefan

Chief Executive Officer | Box Em Up

Mountain Wedding Bride With Headdress

Ellen was fantastic in helping us realize our romantic dream:
she took us to this wonderful place in the Dolomites and she followed us every step of the way, always taking care that we were comfortable and having fun.

We could never have lived such an experience without her help.

This photographer is for anyone who wants to organize an alternative and adventurous wedding, as well as super super romantic and fun!

Giorgia & Lorenzo

Support Staff | Gerwyn Financial


Resources & Tips

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