Hochzeit Im Schnee Corvara Alta Badia


Getting married in the mountains is cool, but a winter wedding in the mountains is even cooler! Literally. As a local photographer from the Dolomites, I have put together a guide for winter weddings, so that you can plan your winter wedding in the mountains of Italy.

Period: When is it better to get married in winter?

That depends on your wishes. Beginning of December and March, April are generally the low season in all of the Dolomites. Therefore there are fewer people on the mountains generally. It should be noted that in December there are fewer hours of light and your day should start early if you want to enjoy it the most. Whilst March and April offer a lot of sun and also less cold.
The downside is that the snow is less & more muddy at the end of the season. A mountain winter wonderland mood is in the Dolomites from mid-December to the end of February.


Climate: What is the weather like in winter in the mountains?

While one might think that December is the coldest month of the year – it is the darkest, but relatively warm. The cold waves usually come around mid-January. You can also be prepared for -20° C. Especially when the weather is nice. So dress warmly! Here are the average winter temperatures in the mountains of the Dolomites.

December -5° / -10°

January -6° / -11°

February -6° / -11°

March -3° / -10°

April 0° / -7°


Clothing: what to wear for a winter wedding as a bride or groom?

The rule of thumb for wedding attire is always: more is more and the main thing is that what you wear’s keeping you warm. It’s easy to mess up your day with the cold. Above all, it is important to keep your hands and feet warm. Gloves are always very important, or at least hand warmers. Wool is the best solution. “Wool” everything you can!

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Activities: What to do at a wedding in winter?

You can do a lot at your snow wedding, Alta Badia, Val Gardena & Co. offer so many activities in winter. From skiing to a couple massage.
Skiing in wedding attire can be a damn cool experience. But if you would like it romantically, a balloon ride, to dine on the alpine heights or to have a nice dinner in a starred restaurant could be something for you.

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Schedule: How much time should you plan for a winter wedding?

As already mentioned, in winter it is important that your day starts early if you want a lot from it. So you can ski all day, for example, or plan enough time for the lunch break and ceremony.
It could be cool to spend the night in a hut and (almost) without tourists to celebrate your free wedding in the early morning or late afternoon. More on this in the locations. Also reads:

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Locations: Where to get married in the mountains in winter?

The question of the questions: where you can find a location to get married in the mountains of Italy in winter! It is really beautiful everywhere here in the Dolomites. But here are a few tips from locations that I particularly like for a wedding in the snow and that are relatively easy to get to!

Col Pradat – Colfosco / Alta Badia

Here you can get married at an altitude of 2,030 meters. The view of Col Pradat is breathtaking! The Col Pradat ski hut is great for booking small events. Both the Chalet Rönn, which is also in Colfosco, but in the village.
You can get up and down either by snowmobile or by gondola. This hut also offers overnight accommodation.

Intimate Wedding in Colfosco, Chalet Rönn & Col Pradat Lodge

  Bettina and Michael decided to get married in a small way: They wanted an intimate wedding in the mountains, that grasped the true meaning of it, without huge parties. A couple who wanted a romantic moment all to themselves. Things for which I am a big advocate. They stood at Chalet Rönn, a luxury […]


Cherz – Corvara / Alta Badia

Cherz is a wonderful plateau where the view is very far, not far from Arabba and the Marmolada!

You can get up to the Cherz Hut, which is at an altitude of 2,080 meters, in very different ways: with a snowcat, if you spend the night at the top, with a lift on skis (However! The lift can only be used on skis / snowboards in winter!) or even by helicopter.

Dantercëpies – Wolkenstein / Gröden

The Dantercepies is at 2,300 meters above sea level with a panoramic view of Colfosco and Val Gardena. The sunsets are particularly beautiful to see up here. At the mountain station is still the Dantercepies Mountain Lounge.

Seceda – St. Ulrich, St. Christina, Wolkenstein / Gröden

With the Seiser Alm (Alpe di Siusi) and Pragser Wildsee (Lago di Braies), Seceda is one of the most famous places in South Tyrol and is located at an altitude of 2,500 meters. Seceda can be easily reached with lifts from all over Val Gardena. Here you can definitely celebrate a cool snow wedding for two! There are overnight accommodations in the Fermeda Hut .

Pralongià – Corvara / Alta Badia

On the Pralongià Plateau you are at an altitude of 2,157 meters, here you can see very far. The Pralongià hut offers overnight accommodation. In winter you can get up and down from Armentarola, San Cassiano, La Villa, Badia, Corvara, Colfosco by lift. What is also super cool in winter, there is a sledge run from Pralongià to Corvara – wouldn’t riding a sledge in a wedding dress also be cool? By the way, there is also a sledge run in San Cassiano, on the Piz Sorega, Alta Badia!

Ski Wedding Pralongià Alta Badia

Edelweiß – Colfosco / Alta Badia

The Rifugio Edelweiss, at 1,824 meters above sea level, is just above Colfosco and can also be reached by lift, snowcat or a short walk in winter. What is special in the Rifugio Edelweiss is definitely the food in the restaurant “La Stüa”, which is hidden in the rustic hut. There is no overnight accommodation here.

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Cristina & Matteo come to Colfosco every year, having fallen in love several years ago in Valle Aurina, they decided that South Tyrol, Colfosco in Alta Badia precisely, would be the perfect place to crown their love in marriage. The mountains have always been the happy place for them, where they find peace of mind […]

Kronplatz – Bruneck / Gadertal / Olang

With an altitude of 2,275 meters, Kronplatz is in the middle of several ski regions, which makes it very special. From here you can reach Bruneck, Val Badia and Olang. Or, you can come up and down from all sides. Incidentally, there is the Reinhold Messner Museum and the AlpInn, Norbert Niederkofler’s restaurant. Kronplatz is definitely a great location for getting married in the snow.

Santa Croce – Badia / Alta Badia

Here you can get married with breathtaking views of 2,045 meters in altitude in winter. Even church. Next to the Santa Croce restaurant is a small, fine chapel where you can get married. In winter you can get up to Santa Croce by lift. The Rifugio Santa Croce also offers overnight accommodation.

Winterhochzeit Heilig Kreuz Im Winter Alta Badia

Piz Boé & Vallon – Corvara / Alta Badia

Piz Boé and Vallon offer extremely beautiful and wide views for getting married on the mountain at an altitude of 2,200 – 2,500 meters. You can get up and down with the gondola. The “Kelina” restaurant in the Piz Boé Lounge offers gourmet cuisine for a romantic meal after your snow wedding.

Winterhochzeit Dolomiten


Is it possible to legally get married outdoors in Italy?

Usually it is not possible to sign a legally valid document outside the registry office, except in places chosen by the municipality itself. BUT!! Fortunately, we have a celebrant authorized to conduct civil weddings anywhere in Italy! So you can get married in the middle of the snow and sign the documents there too! Which is great! 😀
You can contact Angela from Bespoke Weddings Italy and she will explain more about these outdoor civil ceremonies!

How do you get to the Dolomites in winter?

I wrote a very detailed, general guide on this.
The best way to get to South Tyrol in winter is by car. But here are more specific tips:

Guide To Getting Married In The Dolomites – Everything You Need To Know

  Getting married in the mountains of South Tyrol can be so romantic! However, there are a few things to keep in mind. You don’t want your elopement wedding in the Dolomites to be a flop. The preparations from abroad can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if you don’t know the area very well. That’s […]


Cost: How much does a winter wedding cost?

How much a winter wedding costs depends a lot on what the couple’s heart desires. Here is an example of a week, 2 people and costs for a super small but nice winter wedding for two.


  • 4-Star Hotel With Half Board: ≈€3000
  • Skipass: ≈€580
  • Skiv Rental: ≈€150 ≈€300
  • Eat & Drink: ≈€560
  • Flowers: ≈€320
  • Hair: ≈€100-€350
  • Makeup: ≈€200-€400
  • Wedding Planner: ≈€2800 – € 4500
  • Photographer (Me): ≈€2850 – €4800


A winter wedding in the mountains of South Tyrol costs roughly ≈€10.560 – ≈€14.810.


can a consultation with me as a wedding photographer in the Dolomites be helpful? then contact me!

Contact Now

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Guide To Winter Weddings - Getting Married In The Mountains


Getting married in the mountains of South Tyrol can be so romantic! However, there are a few things to keep in mind.
You don’t want your elopement wedding in the Dolomites to be a flop.
The preparations from abroad can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if you don’t know the area very well. That’s why it is important to rely on the locals.
Here I give you a small overview of everything that is possible and what you need in order to get married in Italy! Let’s go! 😀


  1. Did you know? It can be just the two of you!
  2. What documents do you need to get married in Italy?
  3. Civil Marriage or Symbolic Wedding?
  4. What is the best time of year to get married in the Dolomites?
  5. Fun activities to do on your Elopement Wedding in the Dolomites?
  6. Getting married in the mountains: What are the most beautiful places and locations to elope in the Dolomites
  7. Arrival: How do you get to The Dolomites?
  8. ​Best wedding planner in South Tyrol and the Dolomites​​
  9. Wedding photography in the Dolomites and South Tyrol



“I organized everything for my wedding! Photographer, hotel, flowers … all that’s missing is a partner ”


And because we’re about to say that there must be two …


Did you know? It can be just the two of you! 😀

So, well – you definitely need two witnesses man when you get married. BUT!
These do not necessarily have to be acquaintances, and they can also be, for example, hotel employees of where you are staying or registry office employees. You just have to ask. Cool right?
So you are not obliged to tell anyone at home about your wedding if you don’t want to. You are doing it for yourself and not for anyone else! Here are some tips on how to get married with no guests!


And also: After you’ve got the paperwork behind you, you can celebrate exactly where you want and do exactly what you love to do! It doesn’t have to be traditional. Have you ever thought about skiing or hiking at your weddings? There are really only limits in the mind – and a few things that the law stipulates. So on to the next Point!

Standesamt Papiere Für Hochzeit Unterschreiben

What documents do you need to get married in Italy?

The Dolomites are partly in Italy and South Tyrol is also Italy.
Depending a bit if you’re coming from European Shengen countries or from the USA, you will probably need more paperwork. But let’s see what you need to get married abroad in order to have an overview of the legal requirements to elope in Italy.


  1. Valid identity card / passport with which must be valid for at least 6 months.
  2. International birth certificate. You can get this at the registration office of your place of birth.
  3. International marriage certificate. You can get this at the registry office in your place of residence, just ask.
  4. If widowed (I hope not): the death certificate
  5. If divorced: a certificate of divorce
  6. Atto Notorio or Dichiarazione Giurata


There will be a few more steps in between – but it is completely sufficient to give you an overview of what is being asked. I am sure the officials can help you. Otherwise, I would recommend you hire a local wedding planner.
Here are the Legal Requirements To Get Married From The U.S. Embassy or read the article of the Italian government regarding foreigners getting married in Italy

If the whole procedure is just too time-consuming for you and you want to enjoy the day completely unbureaucratically for yourself, there is an alternative way for you to get married for two!


Civil Ceremony or Symbolic Wedding?

In the previous point, I just assumed that you would like to have a civil wedding ceremony and therefore to sign all wedding papers abroad.
Normally it’s not possible to sign a legally valid document outside the municipality structure, except for places selected by the municipality itself. BUT!! Fortunately we have a celebrant who is authorized to perform civil ceremonies anywhere in Italy! So you can get married and sign the documents in the middle of a mountain meadow! Which is magnificent! : D
You can contact Angela of Bespoke Weddings Italy, she will explain you more about civil ceremonies wherever you want!
If you don’t want to sign any kind of document on your wedding day, I would definitely recommend a symbolic wedding. That’s faster and easier! If it is also unimportant to you where you sign the wedding papers, then go for it.

So you can sign the papers at home before or after the free wedding – you can celebrate your wedding for two in the mountains just as you wish! *HEEEELLL YASS*


Symbolic Ceremony: Which type of Symbolic wedding is the right one for you?

Symbolic weddings are not all the same. Let’s briefly look at 3 types of them.

The mountain hut – simple, rustic and unconventional
The castle – very romantic, with a cultural touch – there are so many castles here in South Tyrol!
The mountain meadow / in the forest – close to nature, alternative, relaxing

In my opinion, symbolic weddings are best when the guests are few or even none. These do not have to be particularly adorned and rich in detail. You can also keep it very simple, without a lot of frills, which you often know from Pinterest. Please don’t put any pressure on yourself – it doesn’t have to be super aesthetic if that doesn’t suit your personality! Some of these pictures were also taken from “Styled Shoots” and not at real weddings.

If you don’t know exactly what suits you, I have a few inspirations for you – let’s go!

Freie Trauung in den Bergen Col Pradat Hütte

What is the best time of year to get married in the Dolomites?

There is no precise rule here, we are all so different! But I can definitely give you a few tips to avoid the worst times.
First: Just think about which landscapes you like the most, and in which colours. 😉 Are there many mountains in this landscape? Are there meadows or rather rocks? Is there snow or many trees in this landscape? What would be perfect for you guys?

Second: Which temperatures are you very uncomfortable with and how much risk of bad weather are you in taking?

These are a few questions that you should ask yourself before you make a decision. For more detailed tips when and where it is better to get married, get’s here:When to get married in the Dolomites


When yes:

-Low season: At the beginning or end of the tourist season practically. Translated into English: mid to late June and early to late September. In winter then beginning to mid-December and late February to late March.

-Out of season: mid-April to mid-June or also mid-September to late November are perfect to elope in the Dolomites.


WHen No:

– High Season – When the winter or summer season is in full swing. This means from mid-July to the end of August. In winter it is over the Christmas and Carnival holidays.


In summer it is much worse to move anywhere and to get to beautiful places because everyone is hiking in places with similar destinations.
So it makes sense to generally decide against famous locations such as Seceda or the Lago di Braies (aka Pragser Wildsee). As beautiful as these places are. You have no togetherness and no peace. People around you can be very stressful and sometimes intrusive.
There are enough breathtaking places where you can get married by yourselves as well as undisturbed and unobserved. I know a thing or two about them as a local photographer! We can chat about this!
In winter, on the other hand, tourists tend to be scattered on the slopes and do not have a target location but move around much more. However, the huts can get very full and it is incredibly difficult to find a place where you are relatively undisturbed.

Read The Guide About Winter Weddings Here:

Guide To Winter Weddings – Getting Married In The Mountains

  Getting married in the mountains is cool, but a winter wedding in the mountains is even cooler! Literally. As a local photographer from the Dolomites, I have put together a guide for winter weddings, so that you can plan your winter wedding in the mountains of Italy. Period: When is it better to get […]


My insider tips to you

There are huts and beautiful hotels that are also open out of season – when there is less stress, you can enjoy more of the hotel and hut. The Col-Pradat hut, for example, opens up especially for weddings, and you have the whole dang thing completely free for you! The same applies to Chalet Pia and Chalet Rönn! All of them offer sleeping rooms and private chefs are also available! The Ebner family will spoil you EXCLUSIVELY to the bone, I can promise you! 😉


Fun activities to do on your Elopement Day in the Dolomites!

The Dolomites are so much more than Lago di Braies, Seceda, Tre Cime di Lavaredo and Seiser Alm!
What about going on an alpaca trekking in Colfosco or on a guided quad tour in your wedding attires?
Well, I know a thing or two about how to make your wedding day even more unusual! Read these ideas to make your elopement wedding even more special!


Getting married in the mountains: What are the most beautiful places and locations To Elope in the Dolomites?

There are really countless beautiful areas to elope in the Dolomites and in South Tyrol.

I name 5 areas here in order not to overwhelm you. But if you want to know more, you can have a look at a few other elope locations here! Since there are so many places to get married, my clients get more tailored ones, once they book me – these are what I call VIP elopement locations. Discover how my special booking and consultation process works and why you benefit so much more from it! 

  1. Lagazuoi
  2. Hafling – Avalengo
  3. Wengen – La Valle – Alta Badia
  4. Sankta Magdalena – Villnöss – Val di Funes
  5. Limedes Lake – Passo Falzarego

Here is another video for you to give you some more inspiration!


Of course, it always depends on what you are looking for and what you particularly like.
You don’t have to have the answer right away. Rather, think about whether and how long you want to hike. Are these places also accessible to your guests? 
Think about what kind of food and experience you want to take with you – rustic hut and simple food or more modern hut and gourmet food or something in between?
Or are you really into picnics? Everything can really be done – don’t feel obliged to follow the traditions. Just give a decent shit on rules if you don’t like them.

If you’ve ever been to the Dolomites …

Is there a special place for you guys? W were you there as a small child? Emotions and memories are often very helpful when choosing a wedding location. Small places can become so special.
This could help to sort your thoughts. 😉

Piz La Villa Heiraten in Südtirol

Arrival: How do you get to The Dolomites?

Now you know how and where to get married, here in the mountains.
But how do you actually get to South Tyrol? If you live further away, a long drive may not be an option. Driving is relatively expensive, especially in Italy (see motorway costs and fuel $$).

It can also quickly become exhausting by train, as you have to change trains a lot and at some point, the train roads aren’t exactly endless here in the mountains. The journey can be very long. Although the train, along with Flixbus, are probably the cheapest option to travel to and in Italy.

By Plane

Let’s take a look at the nearest airport to get to South Tyrol:

Bolzano is very close to the Dolomites and you land practically in the heart of South Tyrol. However, he has very limited flight options. It had to be mentioned, but it can almost be ruled out as a possibility.

Innsbruck is much bigger and offers significantly more travel opportunities. It can be relatively expensive, but Innsbruck is perhaps the best way to get to South Tyrol.
From Innsbruck, you can make good use of the South Tyrolean and Italian railways. You can get to San Candido or in the other direction to Merano. It’s pretty well connected.

Treviso and Venice are similar in size to Innsbruck, but the journey to South Tyrol can be very difficult, especially in the winter months. It depends on where you will get married or where you will be staying. For example, Treviso and Venice are unfavourable if you want to stay overnight in the direction of Merano.
See also below the exact differences between summer and winter.

Verona is a little further away, but a fairly large airport with many interconnected airports. I listed it as the last as I would recommend it as the last one. Even if you can get to South Tyrol and the Dolomites fairly well from Verona, it is a long journey overall.

Milano Malpensa is about 5 hours of driving away from the Italian Dolomites and South Tyrol. But can be convenient to fly to if you’re arriving from America or Asia, as it has the most international and transatlantic flights in northern Italy. If you need flexibility afterwards you can rent a car. Otherwise, you can reach the cities by train / Flixbus! See the options below!

In WINTER by plane to The Dolomites

One would think that from Innsbruck you can come across more snow (that’s also true), but the mountain passes that you have to cross to get from Treviso and Venice to Corvara or San Casiano are not exactly that nice! Unfortunately, they can often be closed because of snow or the risk of avalanches.
Unfortunately, it is not common for rental vehicles to be fitted with winter tires at airports (also in Verona, by the way)! So one should be careful as this can be seriously dangerous.
What you save in money you almost have to pay for security.
The connections from Treviso and Venice aren’t the best in winter. You should be a bit more flexible, although there is the “Cortina Express” coaches (see link below), which can take you to different places at any time of the year.
Otherwise, you can book a Transfer (Taxi) as the best option. But of course, it’s a bit more expensive

Fly to South Tyrol in SUMMER

In the summer months, however, I find Treviso and Venice a great solution!
You save a little money and you get up into the mountains relatively easily. However, if you arrive in the high season (August for example), it is practical to be super patient. The roads are pretty busy in summer. OR it is best to arrive early in the morning or in the evening.

By Train

With the Italian railways (Frecciarossa and Italo) you can reach South Tyrol in a very short time and at a very good price.
Here are important hubs in South Tyrol:

  • Bolzano
  • Merano
  • Ponte Gardena 
  • Brunico
  • San Lorenzo di Sebato
  • Dobbiaco
  • San Candido

By Bus

The bus will be pretty much the last solution, let’s put it that way. When you get off the train, you need someone to take you to your shelter. Of course, the long-distance bus also comes to us.

  • Flixbus:which comes to Bolzano and Bressanone
  • Cortina Express: which comes to Alta Badia and Val Pusteria
  • Sad transport : This is our local transport, mainly bus, but also regional railways and some cable cars (the one that goes up to Renon/Ritten, for example)

Best wedding planner in South Tyrol and the Dolomites

Getting married somewhere where you are not at home can be really challenging. It can happen that you are completely overwhelmed and that you are afraid of doing something wrong. Fortunately, there are enough wedding planners in the Dolomites and South Tyrol who can help you answer all your questions.

Especially if you’ve never been here around, it can be really helpful to have an anchor. Here are a few contacts I enjoy working with:

Jlenia Costner  |  Pamela Pizzardo  |  Perfect Plans  | Somewhere Crazy

Wedding photography in the Dolomites and South Tyrol

If a wedding planner isn’t something for you upfront, but you’re sure you want great photos, then you’ve come to the right place. As a local wedding and elopement photographer, I am happy to help you, sort your thoughts and give you some tips for your epic wedding.

Ellen Alfreider Hochzeitsfotografin

Especially when it should be unbureaucratic, small and lovely. And who knows … Maybe also secret? 😉

The average pricing for booking me as a wedding and elopement photographer in the Dolomites is €3600

The best thing you can do is write to me for a video chat and tell me something about you. Without any commitment and of course free! : D

Only 5 minutes are missing! Just fill out the form – and I’ll look forward to seeing you! <3


I wish you all the best,

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Guide To Getting Married In The Dolomites - Everything You Need To Know


How Long Is An Elopement?

It can be how long as you wish! An elopement can last a few hours to more days! My advice is to take at least a full day for your elopement. This means around 8 hours.

Having more time means having less stress.


How To Plan Activities For An Elopement?

I highly recommend not to plan more than 2 activities to do during your elopement wedding day. Wanting to do too many things in one day is very stressful – also make sure to check distances from one location to the other, if you want to visit more than one place.
If you want to make activities that take place far from one another, you risk to drive around more than you can stay outdoors. And That’s a pity.


Let Space For Spontanousness!

Don’t over plan your wedding and embrace a bit of spontaneousness! Leave a lot of time between the things you want to do. Only this way you can fully enjoy what you do!
Having to look on the watch every few minutes or set a timer for everything you want to do isn’t going to give you the stress free elopement experience you want. I guess that if you want to be carefree – that’s a very important point around planning a stress free elopement timeline. 

Also, this means you can have an Italian gelato (=ice cream) very spontaneously whenever you want. Big plus indeed. 😉



Take Some More Days Of Holiday For Your Wedding!

Having a honeymoon or at least some days before and after your wedding here in Italy will definitely help you relax. Also, if the weather should be extremely inclement, you always can postpone your adventure on the days after, which is huge flexibility and less hassle. This flexibility is something I give you at no extra expense as a local Dolomites elopement wedding photographer.


Set One Important Point On Your Elopement Timeline And Plan Around That

If having a ceremony at sunset is your highest priority, your day will look different than if you want to have it in the afternoon. Or if the most important thing is to hike to a specific location you probably need to be more flexible about when to do your ceremony.

Also, you totally can wander and see places and spontaneously decide where you want to say your vows, have a picnic or simply pop the prosecco bottle.


Plan A Multi Day Elopement Schedule

Celebrating your wedding on multiple days is an amazing idea, especially if you’re the kind of person that likes to do many things, but doesn’t like being in a rush. As the day has only 24h and we all sleep more or less 8 of those, need lunch and loo brakes AND want to have relaxed timelines, planning a wedding which is more than 8h long, is totally awesome and easy going, here’s why you should consider a multi day elopement.



Elopement Timeline Ideas:

Elopement Wedding Ceremony At Sunset Schedule

  • Have breakfast
  • Do an activity together (hiking, skiing, yoga, massage)
  • Have lunch
  • Get ready
  • Go to the ceremony location
  • Short couple photoshoot
  • Ceremony
  • More portraits at sunset
  • Come back for dinner (camping, hotel, restaurant, take away)


Full Day Adventurous Elopement Wedding Timeline

  • Wake up early in the morning (if you want before dawn)
  • Drive to the ceremony location or
  • Prepare and hike to the ceremony site or
  • Go on trekking and change at the place of the ceremony (suggested only for longer or more difficult excursions)
  • Ceremony at dawn
  • Couple Portraits
  • Lunch break / midday activity such as paragliding, helicopter ride or a couple’s massage
  • Go to another location
  • Take more portraits at sunset
  • Come back for dinner (camping, hotel, restaurant, take away)

Need Some More Ideas Or Advice?
Then Contact Me To Have Access To My Brain!

Contact Me

Info & Pricing


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How To Plan A Stress Free Elopement Timeline


Paar Kuscheln in den Herbstbäumen


This pandemic forces us to think differently and has also changed our habits a little. There were not many big weddings in 2020, yet for some couples like you, it could have been the year with the perfect excuse to get married alone, without feeling guilty.


As an elopement and intimate weddings photographer, I support couples who do not see themselves in a traditional wedding and who consciously choose the adventure of eloping and getting married without guests and above all without compromise.

Here are a couple of tips on how to plan your wedding without guests!


Don’t lose The Focus of why you want A Wedding Without having a wedding

Because it is a wedding with no guests, it does not mean that it is shabby or less important!
You will feel better to be always focused on the reason for your choice.

Are you afraid that your wedding might be less exciting than you anticipated? It’s up to you not to get lost in things you don’t want and instead focus on the excitement and wedding experience you want to have!


How to tell the family that they are not invited to the wedding?

This depends a lot on the type of relationship you have with your family.
The best thing is probably always to be transparent and honest.


For example, you can send postcards and say “We elope to get married far away from the world on * wedding date * – but we will come back and we will love you as before”. Or something funny like “We have 3 news: one good and 2 better ones! The good one: We’re getting married. The best ones: You don’t need to be there and you don’t need to send us gifts.”

Wedding announcement party

Even having a small party before or after the wedding keeps family or friends from feeling left out.
Maybe by showing the wedding photos you make them participate in some way. So you’re not going to offend anyone and you don’t need to feel guilty.
Postcards also help to announce your wedding in a cute way.


In a pandemic period in time, but perhaps even after, a good idea is certainly to make a video call with the family to announce your wedding and have a drink all together even if far away.

Write a social media post

After announcing your wedding to your family, you can let everyone else know about your wedding with a post on social media. This is not for everyone perhaps, but it is a good idea for those who want to let their friends know too.


where to get married alone with no guests and How to find beautiful places to get married in the Dolomites

Unlike a traditional wedding, an elopement wedding with no guests allows you to get married where and how you want!
As a sidekick photographer, I have some advice for you on where to get married alone without guests!
First of all, you need to understand what you like: Do you like mountains? Would you rather get married in the woods, near the waterfalls? Do you prefer a long hike or a relaxing walk? Do you want an adventurous type of wedding or do you prefer to roll around in a meadow having a picnic?
The proposals are endless!

Social media and web searches can give a lot of inspiration, but unfortunately, the most “instagrammable” and photogenic locations are also the best known – therefore very crowded. I’m talking about Lake Braies (which has an average of 7000 (!!) visitors every day!) of the Tre Cime Di Lavaredo, Alpe di Siusi, as well as Seceda or Lake Sorapis.

It could also happen that the location is more remote than you imagined or that it does not meet your expectations. Among other things, it is also important to find places that are not privately owned, or if they are privately owned, at least have the consent to access them without further problems.

Get all the inspiration on the internet, but get advice from local people (like me;) as a photographer) or a local wedding planner to find a place to get married in the Dolomites that suits you!

The most beautiful areas to elope in South Tyrol and the Dolomites are probably:

  • Val Venosta
  • Merano (and surroundings)
  • Val Gardena
  • Val Badia
  • Val Pusteria
  • Valle Aurina

I will be happy to help you choose between all the possibilities, also helping you with the various seasons! For a wedding without guests that will thrill you!
You can read other tips on where and when to get married in the Dolomites or see my more specific Top Elopement Destinations To Elope Outdoors!

Choose activities to do during the day

A wedding without guests is a wedding without rules!
And since there are no guests to take care of, you can have a wedding without having a wedding! You can easily do whatever you want. From alpaca trekking to paragliding in the Mountains. There are no limits.
I leave you here the link to the article on my blog, which talks about ideas for celebrating an intimate and simple wedding.

Probably the most important thing will be to choose the time and location of the wedding ceremony and then organize your activities around it. Let’s go straight to the next point

Examples of weddings With No Guests Timelines

Each wedding is unique and the beauty of elopements is certainly that they can be organized how you prefer.
I’ve written a full article with everything to consider when planning a stress-free wedding schedule, and examples of the timeline for a wedding with no guests.



Vendors reduced to a minimum? Then better invest well!

Few but good! If a wedding without guests can bring some savings in catering and hotels, I recommend investing your money well! So don’t compromise and hire the wedding suppliers of your dreams.

Consider a local wedding planner for a small wedding?

I can’t recommend them enough. Just because a wedding is smaller, simpler, with no guests – no matter how you describe it, a wedding planner is always golden!
Especially if you come from far away or don’t know the area well, always rely on someone to save you in case something goes wrong and who always has your back!

Book a photographer who specializes in adventurous elopement weddings with no guests

The photos remain forever. And while we may seem similar at first glance, we are all very different.

Since a wedding without no guests is a particular wedding, I highly recommend investing in a photographer who specializes in intimate weddings of this type. Since the photographer will be the vendor you will spend most of your time with, it will be important to have good chemistry. You can get only amazeballs photographs this way.

To find out if I am the person you are looking for, contact me for a free and non-binding video call!

Officiant or ceremony for two?

A good officiant can make your ceremony fun or desperately romantic! Don’t just pick one for it’s sake.
Unfortunately in Italy, the ceremonies with officiant are only symbolic or religious (they can be legal / official in the places that the municipality approves, for example, a castle).
Or just think of having a ceremony for the two of you, alone in a place you love deeply, with a particular ritual.
Of course, going alone brings more freedom, but just get organized.

Romantic lunch and dinner

Since you are not invited, you can make lunch and dinner even more special moments for you.
For example, you could have a picnic for lunch and a romantic dinner in the evening, in one of the starred restaurants in South Tyrol. Or simply eat a pizza in the moonlight, on a meadow. You have the choice!


Matrimonio senza invitati Val Gardena in Autunno


Wedding Dresses and Attires

Always allow yourselves enough time to look for wedding dresses and attires, but also to receive them.
Especially for bridal ones, which often have to be adjusted in the tailor’s shop. Or be prepared to pay for rush service.
Normally, it takes 6 months to have a tailor-made wedding dress.
For other tips, you can read how to choose wedding dresses for your wedding in the mountains.


Frequently Asked Questions about weddings with no guests

Do I need witnesses?

Not necessarily. Only if you want to make it legally official – otherwise you don’t need anyone. If you need witnesses, you can also ask in the municipality if there is someone who can do it for you. For more info I suggest you read everything you need to know about a wedding in the Dolomites.

Is it possible to go hiking in our wedding dresses?

The short answer is yes.
However, you must always evaluate what types of clothes you have and how difficult your excursion is.

We want to elope in the Dolomites, but we don’t know where to start

Where I can I will gladly help you, above all, I will be happy to advise you as a local photographer in the Dolomites, but also to give you contacts for wedding planners or other suppliers that you might like. Unfortunately, I am not a wedding planner and I cannot book anything for you.
In the meantime, you can read other articles about various places to get married.
Drop me an email to take the first step towards your dream wedding. I will be happy to support you wherever I can.


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How To Choose Bride And Groom Dresses For A Wedding In The Mountains


If you get married in the mountains you will have different needs than people who get married at the sea, in the city or in the countryside. Here are some tips for you on how to choose brides and grooms dresses. For those who are looking for an adventure in the mountains on their wedding day!

You will find some Pinterest boards that will help you better understand what I’m talking about.
Be sure to follow the ones that interest you, so you always have updates!
Of course, feel free to email me if I can be more helpful for you.


  1. Wedding dress ideas for a winter wedding
  2. Summer  wedding dresses, for outdoor weddings
  3. How to choose a groom suit for an adventurous wedding?
  4. Shoes for an “offroad” elopement
  5. Wedding in the mountains, here’s how to dress if you are a guest
  6. A must-have survival kit for a romantic Elopement in the mountains
  7. How to choose the photographer for your wedding in the mountains?


Wedding dress ideas for a winter wedding

Winter gives brides a hard time if they want to get married in this season. But I have some tips that will keep you warm, without having to give up on fashion! So, how to choose the dresses for brides and grooms?

The length of the dress – better if long, but watch out!

The length of the dress is crucial to keep you warm and psst … to be able to dress well underneath! Imagine how cold it is if you have to be outdoors at -10°C with a short dress and tights. Meh – perhaps better to avoid colds and bad cystitis.
However, think carefully whether you want the train behind or not. Depending on the activities you plan to do.
For example, if you want to go skiing, perhaps it is better to have a slightly shorter dress without a train if you care about your life.
Keep in mind that with boots you will still be a little taller and the dress will therefore not have the same length as with normal shoes, so there is no need to exaggerate.

The train might get in your way because it really collects a lot of dirt – and in the winter we have plenty of it on the streets!

The neckline and sleeves

Here – absolutely try to avoid dizzying necklines and embrace a dress as closed as possible if you do not want to risk bronchial pneumonia. As sexy as they may be, also avoid wedding backless dresses.

The sleeves, obviously long! And possibly not made of lace! If you really can’t do without short sleeves, at least get yourself a nice heavy cardigan that will keep you warm! Wool is always cool! I mean warm. 

The perfect fabrics for the winter wedding dress

To choose the right fabric for a wedding in winter, always keep in mind that it will be very cold – if you don’t want to ruin your day with freezing and shaking, immediately discard dresses that are too light and transparent. Here is a list of the fabrics that I really like and that are really warm and sturdy!

  • Duchesse / Cody
  • Mikado
  • Velvet
  • Brocade
  • Taffeta
  • Gazar
  • Satin

Two-piece wedding dresses also called Dual Dress

I highly recommend two-piece dresses! They are so easy to put on and a body keeps everything warm and in place. In addition, it is possible to combine a skirt that you like with a different top or body.

Even a nice cape could do its part! A wedding cape gives a fairytale touch to your wedding.

And for brides who don’t want to have the usual skirt or the usual wedding dress, there are also jumpsuits, also called allover! Have you thought of trousers with a skirt to attach and detach? It might be a great idea1

To give shape to all my tips, I thought of making a board on Pinterest, where you can follow all the possible ideas imaginable and have some inspiration to understand what is right for you – find the button under the next point!

Summer  Wedding dresses, for outdoor weddings

On the other hand, summer weddings leave a lot of choice and freedom for the wedding dress. However, I have some advice related to the activities you will do during your wedding. By doing this, you will be able to more easily choose the dress that suits you and your needs. Here is how to choose the dresses for summer brides and grooms.

Think both hot and cold

The mountains are very unpredictable and prevention is better than cure. This means that, even if you get married in August, it is always better to think that snow could come or that temperatures could drop below 20 degrees. It is therefore important to keep in mind that you are not getting married on the beach and that having a nice jacket and an extra layer to put under your dress is always better!

Fabrics suitable for a summer wedding in the mountains

I recommend any type of fabric that is lightweight but doesn’t tear too easily. I would say yes to Chiffon or Georgette for example, because they are light but still strong. And a little bit of all the fabrics I mentioned for the winter wedding because they are very robust. Avoid sequins, in general, but especially on the train. A little to respect the environment, but also because if you get stuck in some stones or rock!
Tulle and organza are also very tear-sensitive fabrics – not recommended.
Notice also to fabrics that take folds !! Because if by any chance you have to put the dress in your backpack, your heart will hurt and the dress will be ruined.

Details of the Ceremony dress that make the difference

  • Pockets: For a handkerchief always close at hand.
  • The detachable skirt, also known as a dual dress: Similar to the two-piece dress, you can practically change anywhere without undressing and you can go for a hike without taking off everything and put it back on.
  • Ring to lift the dress: Especially useful for walking


What characteristics must the perfect wedding dress have for an outdoor wedding?

  • The perfect dress should be light, but sturdy if possible
  • In winter it has to keep you super warm
  • Without corset to have a lot of freedom to move
  • Better if it is not a mermaid-silhouette dress because it limits how much you can move your legs
  • A little stretch for better walking
  • Avoid having a train or too long skirt
  • Have the detachable skirt or be just two pieces
  • It must be easy to put on and take off
  • Better if you can still get one layer underneath in cold weather.


Here too I have prepared a board on Pinterest to give you more ideas, both for summer and for winter!

Bride Board


How to choose a groom suit for an adventurous wedding?

I find it very difficult to find interesting ideas for grooms! It seems that the centre is always the bride, but what if there were actually 2 grooms? Or what if a bride wanted a masculine look? Oh well, here are a couple of ideas for a winter groom and masculine bride that will make you want to get married today!

Winter groom tuxedo

Why not move away from the classic black tuxedo and try winter colours such as light blue or a cold grey?
Or even the knitted sweatshirts do a great job, not only keeping you warm but also giving a slightly alternative look.
What will make you or your partner a super hot bae will definitely be the scarf! In short, there is something fancy even for the groom in winter.


summer groom attire

Ahhh white shirt and suspenders! I don’t know how else to describe the perfect summer groom. Or why not an unbuttoned white linen shirt? We may not be on the beach, but looking at a man dressed like this, you get hot even at -30 °C. 😀
You could also go for a more classic tuxedo – we have variations. There are also many very stylish and interesting attires! So – I’ve also collected some ideas for boys or brides looking for a more masculine look and collected them on my Pinterest board here!

Board For Grooms & Masculine Brides


More tips for masculine wedding outfits in the mountains

Pay particular attention to the pants! Keep in mind that they must be super comfortable if you go for a walk and keep you warm if you go skiing!
In the summer, look for fluffier or at least cotton shirts. Cotton will help you stay cooler even if you sweat.

Sposi Con Scarponi da Sci - Come Scegliere Gli Abiti Da Spose E Sposi

Shoes for an “offroad” Elopement

“Offroad” weddings, aka weds that take place where it’s a bit wilder to get to, give the spouses different needs than usual. Certainly heels and shoes with smooth soles should be banned. However, this does not mean that shoes have to be ugly.
It is very important to have safe shoes, perhaps that also hold the ankles well. You will avoid back pain, foot pain and possibly blisters as well.
There are a lot of cool shoes with an unusual style and others a little simpler. Technical mountain shoes are not needed at all costs, but safe, warm and dry shoes are.
Here too you will find a lot of inspiration:

Shoes Board


Wedding in the mountains, here’s how to dress if you are a guest

Not only are the spouses important, but also some guests, if you have one.
Maybe someone is coming to the mountains for the first time and has no idea what to expect. Here are some tips also for the guests.

  • Put on comfortable and safe shoes !!! It doesn’t matter if they’re not the sexiest, but they need to be comfortable and not give you blisters.
  • Take your warm jacket with you even in summer – yes, because it wouldn’t be the first time snow has arrived in August.
  • For a winter wedding, dress up something that will keep you warm. If I have to say this it is because it is not obvious that everyone does it.


A must-have survival kit for a romantic Elopement in the mountains

Here is a list of the other things that cannot be missing in your suitcases if you decide to have a romantic elopement in the Dolomites:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sun protection – yes even in winter! Because you burn your face in winter more than in summer. The bad thing about winter sunburn is that we barely notice it in the evening, and it is very dangerous to burn your face. Arghh!
  • A heavy jacket or windstopper – no matter if in summer or winter
  • Scarf and gloves in winter
  • Waterproof, warm, safe shoes
  • Mountain backpack
  • The photographer (possibly me 😉 )

How to choose the photographer for your wedding in the mountains?

If after reading this entire blog post you realized that having beautiful photos is important to you, here I am! I will be happy to accompany you on your adventure and keep you safe!

Why not give us a little non-binding video call and see if I can help you organize the day of your dreams?


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When to get married in the Dolomites?
To get married in The Dolomites can be a great experience – but don’t do the mistake of getting married in the middle of the touristic season!
This blog post will help you understand where and when it’s the best time of the year to get married in The Dolomites.
For a choice that you won’t regret.


In the last years, The Dolomites got very renowned – So many tourists are coming over each year, to look at our beautiful mountains, to hike around, and to enjoy the sweet life.
Maybe you’ve been several times to the Dolomites, but you’re searching for some tips to when it’s the best time to get married in The Dolomites when fewer people are around.
Summer and Winter are the most popular times of the year to be here – on top New Year’s Eve and August.
But here are some tips where locals spend their off-season time in The Dolomites.


1. October / Autumn – Alta Badia and Val Gardena

These places are literally incredible during fall! There are no people around and the weather can be really beautiful during this month too. The woods are on fire, the colours are mesmerizing shining in gold. The sun is brutally romantic and the silence you get is simply priceless. There is no comparison to the crowded months of July and August.

If you’re searching for complete tranquillity and peace of mind – October is the perfect month to marry in Alta Badia or Val Gardena. Most hotels are closed during October and November because it’s an off-season period.  But some resorts are open though! Furthermore, they have breathtaking views at bargain prices.
One of them I warmly recommend is Adler Lodge at Alpe di Siusi – where locals like me have their own holidays at home too when off-season!

Do you want the total exclusivity of a small venue for your small ceremony?
Rifugio Col Pradat will help you organise you the sweetest ceremony on the Col Pradat peak in Colfosco.


2. December & January – in Alpe di Siusi / Seiser Alm

My favourite Location – Alpe di Siusi! It’s very crowded in summer, so I recommend to visit or get married in
Alpe di Siusi in a different time of the year. Let’s see together when to get married in that spot of the Dolomites
Alpe di Siusi has two periods in the Winter. In low-season periods you can make a super bargain booking your resort – and there are very few people up there.

I highly recommend the Season Beginning if you want total peace: from the 1st of December to the 19th more or less. On the one hand, there are so few people there. But on the other hand, the risk of having just white slopes and everything around in brown is rather high. The days are very short too – but why not have a lovely ski day with shooting in your private chalet at Adler Lodge or lobby too?
The middle to the end of January is also a very good period – the chances to have cool snow for dramatic pictures are very high! The days are longer and you’re in the middle of the season. Having a romantic honeymoon there – Id’ say HELL YES!! Ah, and if you’re searching for a Honeymoon Hotel, read about the best honeymoon hotels in the Dolomites.

Wedding Couple On Mountain Peak in The Dolomites


3.  May – Mount Plose near Bressanone

The Plose area is rather near to Alta Badia, but also to Bressanone and Bolzano. It’s midway. If you’re planning a wedding in the Dolomites you’re probably searching for some quiet and mindfulness. But on the other side for some adventure and nature cheering activities. If you’re a gourmet – lover, in Bressanone there is a lovely Michelin restaurant “Apostel Stube“The little city is also pretty and you can go and visit the “Hofburg” museum too, very lovely.
Even though Plose is known to be more for families there are enough secret spots where you can find your peace of mind and relaxation to get married in the middle of what you love. If you, like me, love luxury places then you could think about a hideaway in the “Forestis” hotel. There is nothing like the woods to hide and stay with who you love.


There are no excuses that can stop you and your vision. Let’s make that perfect wedding in the Dolomites!
Everything is possible with a little planning. Now you know where and when it’s best to get married in The Dolomites!
Are you a person who loves to buy local quality? If yes, I can be the perfect photographer to accompany you during your wedding day(s).

Are you planning an intimate wedding already? 
Here are some mistakes to avoid when planning: 5 Things Couples Forget When They Plan Their Intimate Wedding

Here you can learn everything you need to know about getting married in the Dolomites

If you feel like I could be more helpful for you, let’s get in touch!

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Wedding in the Dolomites

Coronavirus Wedding – This Crisis Is Your Chance To Elope

Let’s have a Coronavirus Wedding!
2021 is a hard time for couples and weddings! Some couples can’t even meet each other because they live in another region or country.

The Coronavirus has changed us and the world. Coronavirus & Weddings are not supposed to get along together.
But hey! There are alternatives too –
where there is the will there is a way.

Mountain Wedding – Elopement in Alta Badia

1) You don’t have to take responsibility for anybody’s health but yours!

Well, this sounds so egoistic, but it’s not.
This is a severe thing at the moment, and you can feel very guilty about the health of family and friends who are invited to your wedding. Your family and friends could be afraid too, to attend your wedding during the Coronavirus pandemic. You don’t want that one of your loved ones could get ill because you had to get married during this Coronavirus pandemic. These issues are all serious, and no one should be blamed for this.

Less Worries

That’s why a coronavirus wedding is a good chance to get married anyway and safely. An alternative wedding for two decreases definitely the chance to get ill. For you and your loved ones.
Being responsible for two people is absolutely easier than being responsible for 20 or more. And said between you and me: If you elope, you can be more relaxed, at least you know your family and friends are safe at home.

Above this, your loved ones could understand your choice even better! That’s great! And you know what?
You can have a small party at home too when you and your family and friends feel safe.
You don’t have to give up anything! Who says you can celebrate your wedding on just one day or in just one way?

Mountain Wedding – October Wedding – Alta Badia & Val Gardena


2) You don’t have to schedule every minute of your timeline and anybody will be upset by changes or delays!

This one sounds like a dream wedding, doesn’t it?
As I’ve seen in traditional weddings, schedules are so important, and I’ve never seen a single wedding where everything went exactly how the couple and guests expected.
This often leads to unhappiness and sometimes anxiety. If you’re having an elopement wedding during the Coronavirus crisis, you don’t have to worry about anybody who’s coming late, who’s going too early, who doesn’t like the meal – the list could go on forever.
If you’ve ever attended a traditional wedding, you know what I’m talking about.
A good point to elope is that you can schedule your day however you want. Having some fixed points is always good, but not having a strict timeline is far less stressful – and stress is the last thing you need right now!

Mountain Wedding – September Wedding – Alta Badia

3) You can Have a last-minute Coronavirus Wedding – with less organization!

Changing plans is not so easy, but what if you really want to get married in 2020 and not any other time?
You probably have to change plans and go your way. The cool thing about elopements is that it is okay to wait until last minute and decide rather spontaneously to pack and get married somewhere you love. Having an epic “Coronavirus Wedding for two”.

Organizing a coronaviruswedding and flee away to get married is far less stressful than expected. You don’t necessarily need months and months of organization. If you’re from European Schengen Countries and want to get married in The Italian Dolomites or Austria for example, you definitely have to do a lot less bureaucracy!
Just get more info at your Hometown or get more official information here and start your journey as soon as you know you can travel safely!

Mountain Wedding – September Wedding – Alta Badia – Piz La Villa

4) You have the chance to go away from home again – and do it epically!

Let’s be honest! The quarantine has been awful. The uncertainty was totally unpleasant! But it’s time to move on.
See the colours of the world again, and travel. The safety measures are very strict in public everyday life and spaces. If you have some common sense and respect for other people, you can make it to travel around safely too!
If you wanted to go on a honeymoon as well this year, well now you can decide to get married ON your honeymoon!

Go for it and kill two birds with one stone! A coronavirus wedding can be so romantic! Hell yes!
Nobody but you is the one who decides about what your day should be. Take the chance to break all the traditional wedding rules, go your way.
Eloping is always a good choice in my eyes, but in 2020 it’s even more epic. You can smell the outdoors and freedom again, and you will forever cherish this. So double yes for an enchanting elopement in 2020.

Mountain Wedding – August Wedding – Alta Badia – Passo Gardena, Colfosco


5) You have one more reason to celebrate your day how the hell you wish!

The Corona Crisis is one more reason to celebrate your day because you make it anyway but responsibly.
And you can do it however you wish – doing whatever makes you feel nice and fluffy! Is it a picnic? A small hike?
Or a trip with your oldtimer car? Whatever it is, go for it!

Now more than ever, go for a wedding day that reflects you 100%! Don’t let your family influence you more than it should. You can always have your tiny party when you’re back home and feel safe because, in the end, you love your relatives too.
To elope doesn’t mean to hate the family and you’re an egoistic or careless person, but explaining them you will be back and have a party with them too, can help them understand why you do what you do.

Putting your biggest love and wishes before fears and concerns of others is now the most important thing.
Forget about having to please everybody else with your wedding cake, your wedding vows or your wedding party. Your day should feel right to you. Be 100% honest with yourself – it will help you to understand if you really want to postpone your wedding for your family or if want to get married anyway this year
If you’re here, you’re probably looking for an epic wedding day anyway and maybe you have changed your mind about what your perfect luxury Coronavirus Wedding should actually look like.

Mountain Wedding – Winter Wedding – Alta Badia – Vallon, Corvara

If you’re searching for a responsible photographer to accompany you during your magical Coronavirus Wedding, just contact me and let’s get started together!

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Coronavirus Wedding 2021

wedding couple laying in the meadows of the Dolomites

1. The “Getting Ready” of your intimate wedding

The “Getting Ready” is such an emotional moment – maybe one of the most, after the vows. But unfortunately, most brides (and also grooms, I swear!) are forgetting this moment because it seems so superfluous. We learned from traditions that the wedding is the vows and exchanging rings and party. But there is so much more in between and most importantly at the very beginning of a very emotionally charged day!
What I’ve noticed too, is that the wedding couple, in general, feels more relaxed to have me in the early morning greeting them. They can be sure not to miss anything.

Getting Ready - Bride with mother and sister preparing for her wedding - Intimate Wedding Planning


2. The First Look

What if I told you that most couples are totally NOT having an intimate first look in the morning? It’s another very emotional moment – having this one totally for you and enjoying to first see each other as a wedding couple is simply the best way to start your perfect intimate wedding day.
So do not miss it an plan it! It can take just a few minutes.
And if you wish to extend it: plan a short couple shoot in the morning – the morning light and quietness can be so magical and relaxing.


3. To Cut Out Time Just For You

If you’re planning to get married with your family and closest friends around, you’re not totally alone, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want them to leave them alone for 2 hours to get some beautiful photos.
Also, it’s something I always discourage to do. The reason for is very simple:
You’re not as relaxed as if you’d really be totally alone.

The best photographs are always made when the couple is really alone and don’t have to bother what the guests are doing without them.
Could you be one of those people?

Plan to have the shoot in the morning for example, or on the days after!

4. to Plan A Wedding That Is Far More Than Just a Photoshoot

If you’re having a ceremony with your relatives and friends and want to spend time with your beloved ones, you can celebrate some days later just yourselves.
In the end: Who says how often you have to celebrate your love
and what you have to do?

An intimate wedding is made exactly to give you more freedom around your schedule and activities – So make it work fine for you!
That’s why you could plan a small trip or hike or whatever makes you feel good to celebrate you two and just have me accompanying you! Yes, in your wedding clothes!

Intimate Wedding In the Dolomites - Luxury Wedding - Couple Laying in the meadows of Alta Badia


5. Delays – Because they’re (Almost) Inevitable

Plan your schedule generously and don’t “over-plan” it.
If you’re a planning maniac and want to do a thousand things it’s better to think about planning less and enjoying more. My personal tip is to set the perfect time to have the intimate wedding ceremony and where so you can plan generously around it.
Think about how long it takes to get from one location to another too.
Having a local wedding planner helps as well to have better time management and expertise around the intimate wedding planning. Even if the wedding is simple, a wedding planner can relief so much stress!
I can suggest you, two lovely local wedding planners, in South Tyrol and The Dolomites:

Jlenia: https://www.jleniacostner.com/en/
Pamela: https://pamelapizzardo.com/en/

Dolomites Couple Autumn Fall


always Remember That Your intimate wedding is about you – Not about your guests.

Never ever, ever forget to put you as a couple first, even if you have some of your family and friends at your wedding. You’re not giving them a party but you’re giving you as a couple the experience you always wanted to have, in a place that you love.


Are you planning an intimate wedding?

Check out my guide on How To Plan A Wedding With No Guests!

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