Planning an Elopement from the opposite side of the world can feel overwhelming and challenging. I feel ya! 🤯
There are many things to keep in mind, such as flight, seasons, what dresses to wear, and so so many decisions to take. Isn’t that true?
You just know the Dolomites is your happy place and want to elope here. But you might not be super familiar with the mountains, the places, seasons or also just with our culture as well.

There are many things to learn, and others that you really don’t need to have figured out before reaching out to me or booking me as your local Dolomites Elopement Photographer.


These things you don’t need to know before reaching out or booking me as your local Dolomites elopement photographer, are also things I will help you find out during the planning process, and give you tailored tips. 💎
No elopement looks the same, and each couple has different desires, wishes and needs to keep up with.


The Location

You don’t need to know the exact location you want to say your vows at. If that’s the first time you’re coming to the Dolomites, I’m 100% sure the locations you have in your mind are also the most popular ones.
Which is absolutely okay. I see this a lot. People just like the aesthetics of Lago di Braies, Seceda, Cadini di Misurina. Because these are all very instagrammable (for the youngsters) and photogenic (for the older folks) places. But there are more, and I can help you figure out what you most like.
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The Hotel or Accommodation

There are some hotels and accommodations that seem to be quite fame. And I get that you might want to know where you’re going to stay, or you’re searching for anything that might be a bit more lux to enjoy your Honeymoon too. You also want to search accommodation that is close to your perfect location, So you don’t need to drive for hours for your elopement, don’t you? But the problem is, that you don’t know where you want to elope exactly yet. What a vicious circle. 😵‍💫
Or you might want to see more different places and want to move around? You may! That’s a lot to break down before taking any further decisions. So that’s a thing you can take care of in the second moment.
Also: With me, you can do a reality check of the hotel locations too, and see if there are any needs to take care of before choosing the actual accommodation.
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The Activities

That’s a thing! You don’t need to know exactly yet what you want to do on your elopement day. It’s good to have a rough idea of what you’d love to do, AND WHAT YOU ABSOLUTELY DON’T WANT! But activities are also tied to locations. You can’t do everything in every location or valley.

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The Date(s)

I mean, not the date you date. But the date you pick to elope with your date. Got it? 😂😜

You don’t need to EXACTLY know. You can also reach out first to see what dates or even periods of the year might be best FOR YOU to elope here in the Dolomites. You don’t need to be 100% sure yet. You can reach out or even book your tailored package, and then decide what date might be best for you specifically.


How Many Hours You Want To Book

That’s difficult for you to know if you don’t have ALLLL the plans set already. And an elopement just looks different from a traditional wedding, so it’s super difficult to know before you don’t actually have an idea of how your day CAN look like. First, tell me a bit about your vision, I’ll make some different packages that could fit you, and give some inputs regarding how to best optimize the time for your wants and needs.
If the planning is at the very very beginning, and you have still a lot of time before you, you can first book the bare minimum amount of hours, and then upgrade as you go.


The Timeline

And of course, if you don’t need to know anything that I mentioned above, you don’t need to know the timeline yet either.
It’s good to have an idea of how long you’d like your elopement to be, but sometimes it’s really hard to have realistic expectations of the elopement day.
The excitement often makes you plan on doing a lot of things, and as a consequence, you end up rushing from location to location and not enjoying the actual time you want to be out.
The timeline of an elopement day should absolutely be discussed with me, as your local elopement photographer or also a wedding planner, if you prefer someone else to do that specific work for you. DON’T craft it on your own, get some help with that, in order to elevate your experience to the maximum level and no disappointment.

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As you see, there are a bunch of things that you might feel you need to know before reaching out or booking me as your elopement photographer.
But you don’t have to – I’ll be happy to guide you through a discovery process and be your Dolomites’ gnome for your elopement.
If you feel you want to know a bit more about getting married here in the Dolomites in general, check this blog post out: Guide To Getting Married In The Dolomites – Everything You Need To Know


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