elopement is it the right choice - 10 signs eloping is the right thing for you


Have you ever asked yourself “Is a big wedding right for me?” and then secretly answered “Nope!” – Then asked yourself “Is an Elopement right for me?” and then got excited but also feared that good feeling a bit?

Here’s someone who gets you, and here’s some reassurance for you!

An elopement is not for everyone, exactly like a big wedding isn’t!
Don’t spend your money on a wedding that doesn’t give you the happiness you want.

You deserve to feel super excited about your wedding, and if you’re not stoked about a big or traditional wedding, then here are 10 signs an elopement is a perfect choice for you!

An Elopement is the best choice ever if you:

Love the intimacy of an elopement far more than the stress of a big wedding

Unlike big weddings we know, an elopement means a lot of freedom! It can be as exciting or relaxing as you want – the best of an elopement is that there are no rules. You can simply focus on what you love.


Want your wedding to be important, but in a different way

Smaller ≠ less important! You still value a wedding and you want it to be important – same but different!
You value different things that most people, possibly the intimacy, secluded places in nature and new exciting views.


Want to get married to your boo, having an experience for yourselves

Family drama and stress isn’t for you – even less if we’re talking about your wedding.  Getting married is something you don’t want tons of people getting involved in. It’s your business and you don’t want to share it with everyone! Having a small hike or just visit places you’ve never been to, is so much more valuable to you, than everything else during a big wedding.


You love quality time and that’s what you want for your big day too

Quality time, whatever this means to you, is holy for you as a couple! An Elopement is FULL of quality time and things you enjoy, and this is reason enough to leave every other expectation behind.


Feel at your ease with few but good people around you

You love to stay with few people at a time! If there should be some guests at your wedding, you couldn’t imagine inviting everyone you talked to once or even peeps you don’t really like. Amazing that with an Elopement you can create a safe bubble you enjoy to stay inside.

Love to be outdoors because nature really connects you

Nature is a place that gives you peace of mind or even gets you super excited about it. If you love to discover breathtaking places to say your vows privately, well, then definitely go for an elopement!


Are anticonformists – if there are things you desire to do opposite of all the others, you LOVE to go for them.

You stand for yourselves, you are unique and if there are things you love, you simply want them. No matter what. Breaking up with traditions is something you feel rather comfy with and that’s also a super good reason to just elope.


Are intentional people and don’t like doing things just because everyone does

If there is something you love, it’s definitely to do things your way and very intentionally.
To do things because everyone does is definitely NOT you! You gotta decide, period. 


Want to feel you’re in the right place at the right time. Exactly where you belong to.

Every one of us has a natural habitat and you can absolutely have your wedding ceremony in yours too! That’s empowering to the moon and back.


Love to invest time and money in your relationship to do whatever your hearts deeply wish for

Instead of having a big reception, you’d rather invest the time and money in some other activities like a long helicopter ride, trips, or fun activities to do at your wedding, because that matters more to you than meeting everyone else’s expectations.


Sounds like you? Then I might have some more amazeballs things to tell you!

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