Couple at Lago di Braies in winter - Dolomites

Let me tell you the story of Chiara & Francesco who got officially engaged in December at Lago di Braies e find the inspiration foryour secret proposal!

In this blog post, you will find the best photographs and some inspiration to make your Secret Proposal in the Dolomites a piece of a fairytale.

How To Organize A Secret Proposal?

It all started with Jlenia Costner – The Dolomites Wedding Planner . She contacted me because she had an amazing job: A secret proposal! Jlenia is a young but experienced creative mind. She knows exactly how to organize special events, loves the details and is very supportive with the couples. She’s always a pleasure to work with. 
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The Secret Proposal Inspiration

After Francesco and Chiara decided to get married, Francesco wanted to make her a very romantic proposal in The Dolomites, where Chiara has never been before! He was not sure about what exactly the proposal should look like, so Jlenia gave him some good secret proposal inspiration and in the end, Francesco wanted to take Chiara to the well-known Lago di Braies. 

But Francesco wouldn’t just make her the secret proposal at Lago di Braies. He wanted to make this memory totally memorable. He wanted something enchanted. The Dolomites are so much more than a good place to hike and ski! The Dolomites are definitely a fairytale worthy place. That’s why he wouldn’t stop at a simple proposal.

Not A Simple Wedding Proposal

Francesco wanted to have a romantic winter pic-nic on the lake! Since Lago di Braies is rather famous, and tons of people visit this wonderful place, Jlenia and I had to find a nice spot where both were undisturbed and could enjoy the view on the lake whilst drinking a lovely cup of mulled wine and eating Christmas cookies!

I helped Jlenia with all the things we had to carry from the car to the lake! It was the moment where I understood how much I loved my job and working for people who enjoy being part of something bigger than themselves! She had mulled wine, Christmas cookies, cake hand and feet warming pads, a lovely cosy blanket too. The details couldn’t miss, so she brought lanterns and candles there to decorate their spot! We had fun preparing the picnic, and a lot of people came there to watch what we were doing. Of course, it was curious. Not everybody prepares such a picnic. And guess: Chiara knew literally NOTHING!


Winter Wonderland Picnic – Lago di Braies – The Dolomites

Francesco in the meanwhile told Chiara they would go to a beautiful place, so she should dress well and put on her makeup! He tried to dress in similar colours to hers, so they would be perfect for the photoshoot. That’s what I always recommend for couple photoshoots.

In fact, they were absolutely amazing!

Francesco wrote us a message when they were at Lago di Braies, so we could be prepared to spot them. We have never seen each other, so to recognize the couple in the middle of so many people was not easy. But Francesco gave a short sign when he recognized me. Jlenia left me alone and became a ghost. I couldn’t tell where she was for the whole 2 hours we shot at Lago di Braies. But I know she was still there.

Winter Wonderland Picnic – Lago di Braies – The Dolomites


The Crucial Moment!

The moment where Francesco kneed in front of Chiara to propose in the middle of the lake, was simply overwhelming. There is simply nothing more to say! I was so excited to see the scene and was proud to be their paparazzi. It felt good! 


The Secret Proposal & It’s SURPRISE!

After that, I went there and presented myself. Francesco told her he hired me for them and that I would third-wheeling them for 2 hours at the lake. We could immediately connect because I had my eccentric red cape and a my cat beanie. We all are cat lovers and couldn’t go along better! What Chiara didn’t expect was another surprise: The winter wonderland picnic on the Lago di Braies lakeside. I had to show them where the picnic spot was; so I took them there. Chiara was overwhelmed and couldn’t believe Francesco had organized all this for her!


The Winter Picnic at Lago di Braies – The Best Secret Proposal Inspiration

The last picture was the moment when she realized that the picnic was meant for them! Of course, I and Francesco didn’t tell anything about Jlenia, the wedding planner.

Chiara and Francesco enjoyed the epic winter picnic at the lakeside of Lago di Braies. Even though there are always tons of people at Lago di Braies during the seasons, we had good luck. When we just have arrived at the lake, we were a little worried because it was quite busy there. But as soon as Chiara and Francesco arrived, many people left. Probably because they went away for lunch. So lunchtime seems to be a good time to go to Lago di Braies, to encounter fewer people.
This is the best secret proposal inspiration you can take from here! A picnic is always cool!


A Walk & The Photo Session at Lago di Braies

We had some time to make some soft and idyllic pictures on the lake too! So we had a walk around the lake and some fun shooting. Chiara and Francesco enjoyed this view and the snow, they otherwise don’t get to see in southern Italy. I was very proud to show them where I live and told them about our magical places in The Dolomites as well. Both were enchanted by nature!


The Snack Bar Warm-Up | After the Secret proposal

The last 30 minutes we decided to go into the little snack bar to warm up. It was rather cold in the later afternoon. So I shot a few last beautiful indoor photos. It felt like a love-movie to me. Chiara and Francesco were just perfect! And perfectly happy. They couldn’t imagine a more beautiful mountain engagement in winter!

To Be Continued…

After their wonderful Secret Proposal at Lago di Braies, Jlenia organized a magical Dinner at Rifugio Col Pradat. So they went there and I and Jlenia went back home. If this story could give you some secret proposal inspiration to propose to your best friend in The Dolomites, you can hire Jlenia here! And I’ll be glad too to be your secret paparazzi and friend!

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