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Guide On How To Propose During A Photoshoot In The Dolomites

  To propose to your partner isn’t that easy, especially if you want to do something particular. But as a photographer I’ll be more than happy to cheerlead you through the wedding proposal planning and give you some adive and inputs. Here you can find some to-go tips in order not to make any mistakes […]

Guide To Winter Weddings – Getting Married In The Mountains

  Getting married in the mountains is cool, but a winter wedding in the mountains is even cooler! Literally. As a local photographer from the Dolomites, I have put together a guide for winter weddings, so that you can plan your winter wedding in the mountains of Italy. Period: When is it better to get […]

Guide To Getting Married In The Dolomites – Everything You Need To Know

  Getting married in the mountains of South Tyrol can be so romantic! However, there are a few things to keep in mind. You don’t want your elopement wedding in the Dolomites to be a flop. The preparations from abroad can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if you don’t know the area very well. That’s […]

Getting Married In Alta Badia, Dolomites – Rifugio Edelweiss & Rifugio Pralongià – A Two-Day Adventure Wedding

Cristina & Matteo come to Colfosco every year, having fallen in love several years ago in Valle Aurina, they decided that South Tyrol, Colfosco in Alta Badia precisely, would be the perfect place to crown their love in marriage. The mountains have always been the happy place for them, where they find peace of mind […]

First Look Photos At Your Wedding | Why That Moment Is Golden

  First look photographs are a moment taken completely for you, to make your day begin in a meaningful and mindful way. It’s a moment made to allow yourselves to feel whatever hits you, to cry or dance or laugh. A first look is a golden moment for you. Let’s check what the first look […]

How To Plan A Stress Free Elopement Timeline – Less Is More

  How Long Is An Elopement? It can be how long as you wish! An elopement can last a few hours to more days! My advice is to take at least a full day for your elopement. This means around 8 hours. Having more time means having less stress.   How To Plan Activities For […]

Intimate Wedding in Colfosco, Chalet Rönn & Col Pradat Lodge

  Bettina and Michael decided to get married in a small way: They wanted an intimate wedding in the mountains, that grasped the true meaning of it, without huge parties. A couple who wanted a romantic moment all to themselves. Things for which I am a big advocate. They stood at Chalet Rönn, a luxury […]

Top Adventure Elopement Destinations To Elope Outdoors | Elope In Italy

  Best Places To Get Married Just The Two Of Us  To elope outdoors is one of the most romantic things ever to do!As an elopement photographer born and living in the Italian Dolomites, I’m a huge fan of pretty places to elope outdoors, especially in the mountains – Personally, I think that the Dolomites […]

10 Signs That An Elopement Is The Right Choice For You

  Have you ever asked yourself “Is a big wedding right for me?” and then secretly answered “Nope!” – Then asked yourself “Is an Elopement right for me?” and then got excited but also feared that good feeling a bit? Here’s someone who gets you, and here’s some reassurance for you! An elopement is not […]

How To Work With Me

Hi Friendo 😀 Here’s Your Dolomites Elopement Package Roadmap! Here’s a baby step roadmap ( I LOVE roadmaps!) of how it is like to work with me and why it benefits you as a client to be part of something different than usual. This guide will show you how I work through your perfect, unique […]

Rituals For A Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

  Have you decided to get married in an unconventional way or completely alone, but you still have doubts about how to make your ceremony more unique? As an intimate wedding & elopement photographer, I have some good advice to give you on symbolic wedding rituals! Here is some inspiration for you on which rituals […]

How To Plan A Wedding With No Guests

  This pandemic forces us to think differently and has also changed our habits a little. There were not many big weddings in 2020, yet for some couples like you, it could have been the year with the perfect excuse to get married alone, without feeling guilty.   As an elopement and intimate weddings photographer, […]

How To Choose Bride And Groom Dresses For A Wedding In The Mountains

How To Choose Bride And Groom Dresses For A Wedding In The Mountains   If you get married in the mountains you will have different needs than people who get married at the sea, in the city or in the countryside. Here are some tips for you on how to choose brides and grooms dresses. […]

Intimate Wedding – 10 Myths To Get Rid Of

  Here I am writing another blog post, for couples who want to get married but who feel that the perfect wedding for them is not what tradition dictates. This blog post will help reassure you and stop listening to those who tell you this BS! Furthermore, you will understand that these statements are indeed […]

13 Ideas To Celebrate An Alternative Wedding | Make Your Elopement Fun

  Weddings don’t always have to be super big parties to be meaningful. Indeed, I believe that in small, alternative weddings the meaning of the celebration can be grasped even better. We have something for everyone to make your elopement wedding more fun! From the most adventurous activities to the most peaceful experiences. There are […]

Multi-Day Wedding – How To Make Your Wedding Special

  You don’t feel like a traditional wedding – what friends and relatives do at their weddings just make you roll your eyes and you don’t want to have a wedding like that. Good! Then I have enough reasons to have a wedding that represents you 100% and that you won’t regret having.   Unfortunately […]

The 5 Best Honeymoon Hotels in the Dolomites

  Are you looking for a romantic hideaway for your honeymoon? So, I may have some suggestions for you! In the Dolomites, you will find many places surrounded by nature! I think there is nothing more magical than nature itself, which offers moments of mindfulness and emotion. I have chosen some of the best hotels […]

Dolomites Mountain Elopement – My Personal “Wild Bride” Experience

As a Dolomites Wedding Photographer, I often write about what and how to elope in the Dolomites – but in the end, I wanted to experience myself how it really is to be a “wild bride”. In this blog post, I want to tell you honestly what we did and how it felt to have […]

Where And When To Get Married in The Dolomites – 3 Secret Tips From a Local Wedding Photographer

When to get married in the Dolomites? To get married in The Dolomites can be a great experience – but don’t do the mistake of getting married in the middle of the touristic season! This blog post will help you understand where and when it’s the best time of the year to get married in […]

Coronavirus Wedding – This Crisis Is Your Chance To Elope

Coronavirus Wedding – This Crisis Is Your Chance To Elope Let’s have a Coronavirus Wedding! 2021 is a hard time for couples and weddings! Some couples can’t even meet each other because they live in another region or country. The Coronavirus has changed us and the world. Coronavirus & Weddings are not supposed to get […]

Secret Proposal Inspiration: Lago di Braies – Dolomites

Let me tell you the story of Chiara & Francesco who got officially engaged in December at Lago di Braies e find the inspiration foryour secret proposal! In this blog post, you will find the best photographs and some inspiration to make your Secret Proposal in the Dolomites a piece of a fairytale. How To […]

Intimate Wedding Planning – 5 Things Couples Forget

1. The “Getting Ready” of your intimate wedding The “Getting Ready” is such an emotional moment – maybe one of the most, after the vows. But unfortunately, most brides (and also grooms, I swear!) are forgetting this moment because it seems so superfluous. We learned from traditions that the wedding is the vows and exchanging […]