How Long Is An Elopement?

It can be how long as you wish! An elopement can last a few hours to more days! My advice is to take at least a full day for your elopement. This means around 8 hours.

Having more time means having less stress.


How To Plan Activities For An Elopement?

I highly recommend not to plan more than 2 activities to do during your elopement wedding day. Wanting to do too many things in one day is very stressful – also make sure to check distances from one location to the other, if you want to visit more than one place.
If you want to make activities that take place far from one another, you risk to drive around more than you can stay outdoors. And That’s a pity.


Let Space For Spontaneity!

Don’t over plan your wedding and embrace a bit of spontaneity! Leave a lot of time between the things you want to do. Only this way you can fully enjoy what you do!
Having to look on the watch every few minutes or set a timer for everything you want to do isn’t going to give you the stress free elopement experience you want. I guess that if you want to be carefree – that’s a very important point around planning a stress free elopement timeline. 

Also, this means you can have an Italian gelato (=ice cream) very spontaneously whenever you want. Big plus indeed. 😉


Bride with flower crown and groom with tiroler Tracht holding hands and walking down a meadow towards a snowy mountain in the Dolomites


Take Some More Days Of Holiday For Your Wedding!

Having a honeymoon or at least some days before and after your wedding here in Italy will definitely help you relax. Also, if the weather should be extremely inclement, you always can postpone your adventure on the days after, which is huge flexibility and less hassle. This flexibility is something I give you at no extra expense as a local Dolomites elopement wedding photographer.


Set One Important Point On Your Elopement Timeline And Plan Around That

If having a ceremony at sunset is your highest priority, your day will look different from if you want to have it in the afternoon. Or if the most important thing is to hike to a specific location you probably need to be more flexible about when to do your ceremony.

Also, you totally can wander and see places and spontaneously decide where you want to say your vows, have a picnic or simply pop the prosecco bottle.


Plan A Multi Day Elopement Schedule

Celebrating your wedding on multiple days is an amazing idea, especially if you’re the kind of person that likes to do many things, but doesn’t like being in a rush. As the day has only 24h and we all sleep more or less 8 of those, need lunch and loo brakes AND want to have relaxed timelines, planning a wedding which is more than 8h long, is totally awesome and easy going, here’s why you should consider a multi day elopement.


Bride with jeans jacket and groom with hat kissing in the snowstorm in the Dolomites


Elopement Timeline Ideas:

Elopement Wedding Ceremony At Sunset Schedule

  • Have breakfast
  • Do an activity together (hiking, skiing, yoga, massage)
  • Have lunch
  • Get ready
  • Go to the ceremony location
  • Short couple photoshoot
  • Ceremony
  • More portraits at sunset
  • Come back for dinner (camping, hotel, restaurant, take away)


Full Day Adventurous Elopement Wedding Timeline

  • Wake up early in the morning (if you want before dawn)
  • Drive to the ceremony location or
  • Prepare and hike to the ceremony site or
  • Go on trekking and change at the place of the ceremony (suggested only for longer or more difficult excursions)
  • Ceremony at dawn
  • Couple Portraits
  • Lunch break / midday activity such as paragliding, helicopter ride or a couple’s massage
  • Go to another location
  • Take more portraits at sunset
  • Come back for dinner (camping, hotel, restaurant, take away)

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