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You don’t feel like a traditional wedding – what friends and relatives do at their weddings just make you roll your eyes and you don’t want to have a wedding like that.
Good! Then I have enough reasons to have a wedding that represents you 100% and that you won’t regret having.


Unfortunately in our society, we have learned that a wedding is only celebrated on one day and that we must invite friends and relatives, even if only out of politeness.

But why actually limit ourselves to this? Maybe you want to have some friends or relatives at the wedding, but you don’t want to have to compromise the intimacy you dream of and that makes you feel free and safe. On the other hand, a day to do all this is really too short.

So why not think of the wedding as an experience instead of a day? In the end, you wouldn’t be the first to celebrate multi-day weddings, as other cultures celebrate multi-day weddings.

Let’s see together if a multi-day wedding could be for you!


There is no need to choose between intimacy and wedding guests

I often see a lot of stress when talking to couples planning a one-day wedding. Every now and then they seem to have to decide whether they prefer to be with the guests or have time for themselves.
I firmly believe that a wedding should not be a compromise for any reason in the world. If you feel torn as well, the choice of a multi-day wedding could be for you! Just take it all, instead of choosing.


You can have an official ceremony and another to speak the vows by yourselves

You don’t have to be an introverted person to feel uncomfortable in front of guests. Even if they are 20 or less, maybe you don’t tell each other everything you want when there are people listening. Yet perhaps it might hurt to know that an important person is missing when you say yes.
Who says that the ceremony alone is what is valid celebrating? Why not organize a moment for yourself where you can tell yourself everything you want, without any filters?! Imagine being in a place in the middle of the mountains, where no one hears what you are saying, except you two. And where nature will remember your promises.


You will have more flexibility to take Stunning photos, hiking, skiing or other activities

You just can’t decide what your wedding day should be about? So why not decide to do it over more days and enjoy the feeling of magic that a multi-day wedding has to give you? A romantic getaway between excursions and photos at sunrise or sunset really doesn’t leave so much place for “meh” compromises.
Do you need suggestions for unusual activities for your wedding? Here are some ideas that will make your simple, intimate wedding special!


You can combine the wedding with the honeymoon directly!

The Dolomites offer so much and are the perfect place to go on holiday!
So why not take enough time to combine the wedding with the honeymoon? I have put together a list of the most beautiful honeymoon hotels in the Dolomites for you!


As a photographer who loves unusual things, I gladly make recommendations to my couples to take more time and see their wedding as an experience that lasts more than a single day. Of magic that is more than a photoshoot and that is more than a simple wedding.

I will help you find the right activity for you to create a unique experience around you!


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Multi-Day Wedding - How To Make Your Wedding Special

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