Imagine being so small, embraced by
huge mountains – and with the wind in your hair
tell how much you love each other!

If you love sizzling things, why would you plan your day to the bone?

The best ideas come with your spontaneity.

Why work the usual way if you’re unusual?
Having a mountain wedding that is only for you, doesn’t have to mean schedule, schedule, schedule.

If you want to elope, stepping away from the typical wedding timeline & hassle is what you’re likely to be searching for.
So why do too much planning if you probably won’t follow it anyway!?

To sustain your own way of being is crucial to me, and if you want last-minute changes or be as spontaneous as you are on your wedding day(s), that’s what we’re going to do!

“The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.”

David M. Ogilvy

Eloping Is an investment into feeling free.
to be your best true self.

An elopement in the mountains
is the way to get married that works with you, not against you.


Mountain Elopements are a super brave way to set boundaries and brake typical wedding rules.

It’s not about how good you look, how organised you are and how many invitees you have.
Because dang let’s be messy if you want, let’s not wear tons of make up and let’s get the dresses dirty. WHO CARES!?

Say “geez no” to everything you don’t want to fit into and “HELL YES” to everything that is fun to you and leaves you with goosebumps behind.


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Nature is where you feel connected. outdoors is where you feel safe
to be as silly as you are.

Nature is so healing and empowering, that’s why people like you and me can find peace of mind and feel alive there.
A mountain elopement wedding has so many facets and you can interpret it your way!
It’s important that you can vibe out: go skiing, hike to a mountain lake or just walk through the forests. A mountain wedding can be whatever’s exciting to you!


No family drama. No “have-tos”. No compromises.
Just that weird you having fun & enjoying yourselves.




My mission is to help you create the “woo woo” wedding you are looking for!




  • Elopement Wedding Package tailored to your wants & needs, completely built from scratch to sustain your own individuality.


  • Personal research and location scouting from me as a local photographer, to get the best photo locations and VIP tips on how to prepare for your mountain wedding


  • Flexibility & Spontaeity in case of unexpected events and the possibility of celebrating from 4 hours to multiple days to make your wedding even more special


  • A non-judgemental person who perfectly understands why you want to get married differently and takes care of you. With me, you can feel free to be silly and amazeballs


  • Chauffeuring you to the locations, everywhere possible in the Dolomites, and South Tyrol are included – no hidden fees and no stress


  • Online gallery with edited files in high resolution and web, with print and download rights to share with your friendos and family


  • Positive energy, moral support, and some stardust here and there to give you the best possible experience


  • The average investment for your wedding package is €3600

For an adventure all around you!

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Ellen Alfreider | Fotografa Matrimonio Dolomiti



Are you excited to know how a different wedding can work? Here are the answers:


ContaCT ME

To clarify your ideas, we first need to find out what you love and what possibilities exist for you. All for free and without commitment!



After we got to know each other a bit better, you can book your wedding bindingly.


Let’s Plan your activities & PLan B Together

The possibilities are almost endless and it is good to dream up your perfect wedding + plan B with some good advice.
Whether it’s a ski, a hike or a quiet walk.
Let yourself be inspired.



Make your mountain wedding a memorable and epic adventure, just the way you want it!

Download The Checklist For Your Mountain Wedding


Here is a small guide that will help you plan your adventure!


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For the reportage of our wedding, we essentially wanted photos capable of capturing – without clichés or staged photographs – the flow of unique emotions that would have generated that day.

Ellen, moving between us and our guests like a guardian angel, invisible to the eye but always present, has perfectly managed to capture the spontaneity of the gestures, the looks, the various moments of celebration, stopping them in images that we never tire of looking at, even weeks after that beautiful date.

Our wedding album is the result of a job done with great seriousness, passion and professionalism, in which we never felt treated by mere
buyers of a service, but as protagonists to be accompanied with discretion in their fairytale, trying to understand and best interpret their feelings.

Thank you!

Anita & Andrea

Brand Expert | Mantell Design

Mountain Wedding Happy Couple

Who doesn’t want that on their wedding day: a photographer who knows what you want and who also implements the wishes.

A photographer who calms the wedding couple and brings them across in the photos as they are. The moments captured in photos that are most important and at the same time beautifully reproduce spontaneous situations.

We had it all with Ellen. Our wedding day was just fantastic and her photos made it PERFECT. Even when the weather turned and got worse, she had everything in hand. She encouraged us and so the photos were a great success in the rainy hours. A huge thank you!

We can only recommend Ellen to everyone.

Simone & stefan

Chief Executive Officer | Box Em Up

Mountain Wedding Bride With Headdress

Ellen was fantastic in helping us realize our romantic dream:
she took us to this wonderful place in the Dolomites and she followed us every step of the way, always taking care that we were comfortable and having fun.

We could never have lived such an experience without her help.

This photographer is for anyone who wants to organize an alternative and adventurous wedding, as well as super super romantic and fun!

Giorgia & Lorenzo

Support Staff | Gerwyn Financial





How many images will we get?

This is very individual and hard to tell. Usually, you can count with
50 photos per hour of coverage.

When do we get to see our pictures?

You’ll get a small preview of your pictures around 10 days after your wedding day;
and the full edited gallery delivered to your inbox,
no later 60 days from your wedding date.


How will the photos be edited?

The photos will be edited in the style you see in the impressions gallery.
I’m going to choose the best look for your wedding. All are natural but very individual.

How does the online gallery work?

Exactly as the impression gallery, but with an individual password.
You will receive a link and password to your gallery. From there you can download the web resolution files for your phone or for social media posts. The high-resolution files come to you via a download link in your inbox.

How do things work with the photobook?

On request, and as soon as the pictures are edited, I will design your personal photobook.
As a photobook lover and photographer, I know what pictures are going to look gorgeous in your photobook, which ones are important for telling your story
and how many pages it should have.
Before I print it: you will see the preview of the final work instead.
If there are any changes you want to do: I will do that, giving you the best advice,
for amazing results. No additional fees occur for these steps since I want you to fully love it.

Can I choose the colours of the photobook?

Hell yes!
I will give you 2-3 recommendations and you can choose what colours you like the most
for your personal photobook.

Are you missing an answer?
Drop me a mail and tell me what I can do for you!

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