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Hi Friendo 😀
Here’s Your Dolomites Elopement Package Roadmap!

Here’s a baby step roadmap ( I LOVE roadmaps!) of how it is like to work with me and why it benefits you as a client to be part of something different than usual. This guide will show you how I work through your perfect, unique Dolomites Elopement Package!


Why I Don’t Slam Pre-Made Elopement Packages On The Table & You just Pick One

I crafted this special and different process for you because I believe that you deserve tailored and personal things made from scratch, based on you! No couple is ever the same and you’re worth a day that resonates with your interests, dreams and wishes!


Contacting me

The first thing to do is very intuitive: you need to contact me and tell me about you.

I deeply believe everyone deserves to have a photographer they connect with 100%. So before giving you any sort of package, we first have to understand if we’re a good fit and if what I give you is what you’re searching for!
By doing so, I can give you more valuable, tailored tips later.

Contact Me


Free Videochat Consulting

I sincerely believe in building deep connections with my clients, so that I don’t have to give them random, useless tips! That’s why before giving you a random Dolomites Elopement Package, I want to see and hear from you through videochat.

In the Free Consulting we’ll get over these topics:

  • What is that you’re searching for!
  • Check what your personal pain points are & dream up your day a bit!
  • What is that I can give you to make your elopement experience as smooth as possible!


Tailored Elopement Package Proposal

After getting to know each other a bit, if we’re a good fit, you will get your personal proposal.
Here you will find the points I’ll help you with and get an idea of how your day could look like with how many hours I’ll be with you, to make your day as amazeballs as possible.

I’ll create a personal page, only you have access to for this step. I’ll be updating this page after your booking. You will have all the useful links and information in that place!


Booking Your Dolomites Elopement Package

After signing the proposal and making the initial 40% deposit, you will have access to all my shiny unicorn superpowers! That means I’ll be helping you to craft your day and give you VIP information, location scouting and of course do the hard work for you: research based on even more info you will give me!
Here are some general tips on how to plan a wedding with no guests!


Personal & Specific Wedding Day(s) Outline

After the booking is where the VIP stuff will happen! We dig deep into planning together.
Your proposal page will transform into a planning place full of links and useful information.
This step is about doing even more personalized research, giving you advanced specifics about how your day could look like and locations we can go to.
I want you to feel empowered about your day(s)! That’s why I will give you inspo and tips, but always let you enough space to decide what to do!

My job is to take you through the planning process roadmap, telling you what happens next without letting you guess.

During this step, we’ll make sure to set up a backup plan as well and update if there are any changes during your planning process.


Enjoy Your Elopement Wedding!

Here it comes! The most exciting part of the whole process!

That’s the part I love the most – where I want to give you the best experience possible and third-wheeling you as a local friendo and take you to the most beautiful spots of the Dolomites and South Tyrol, avoiding crowds and tourists mistakes that end up in huge disappointments!


After The Wedding

You will still have me, and I’ll still have your back!

A preview of your most beautiful photos is awaiting already a few days after your day(s)! I’m as excited as you to see the photographs, and that’s why I don’t want you to wait a month before seeing at least some of them!


Extra Support Via Mail & Videochat

If you need any kind of extra support between the roadmap points, I’ll be glad to give it to you at no additional cost! Sometimes questions and unexpected problems arise through the process. I won’t let you alone with them.


Sounds like an awesome helpful process to go through??


Contact Me

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