coppia che si bacia in inverno in montagna


Are you looking for a romantic hideaway for your honeymoon? So, I may have some suggestions for you!
In the Dolomites, you will find many places surrounded by nature!
I think there is nothing more magical than nature itself, which offers moments of mindfulness and emotion.
I have chosen some of the best hotels (in my eyes), relatively small and secluded, each with its own uniqueness!


Adler Spa Resorts

Lodge Alpe & Lodge Ritten

Il punto forte di Adler é il mix tra il benessere e la salute. Un concetto di Hotel per sé, dove uno si sente davvero a casa ma viziato come in un albergo. Amo i loro piccoli chalet appartati, che danno un senso di casa e unicità. Davvero ottimo per una luna di miele romantica.
Adler Lodge Alpe si trova sull’Alpe di Siusi. In inverno si può saltar fuori dal letto, direttamente sulle piste da sci haha! Mentre Adler Ritten si trova sul Renon.

Terra – The Magic Place

For lovers of starred cuisine, Terra – The Magic Place is the right place!
The cuisine of the starred chef Heinrich Schneider I would describe as very delicate, natural and genuine.
A hotel in the middle of Val Sarentino, with a view on the Dolomites. The name doesn’t promise too much, because the place is truly magical.


Honeymoon dolomites mountain - couple in the mountains Seiser Alm - Alpe di Siusi - Adler Lodge


Where the minimum is the maximum! A hotel in the middle of the forest (as the name already says) is located in Bressanone, close to (if not on) the Plose ski area.
Forestis is the right place for those who need a romantic honeymoon in total silence, relaxation and minimalistic luxury.
Also interesting to know, because it fits perfectly with the concept of the hotel: The word forest comes from the Latin [silva] forestis (attested in 576; from foris “outside”) [1], “[forest] outside”, then passed to the declension in -a [2]. However the most logical etymology, is from “foris” meaning “entrance, door” since the forest was seen as the entrance into the magical world of the gods where every plant, tree or animal was sacred. [citation needed] The term is modeled on agrestis and campestris to indicate plants outside the enclosure [1]. From the 8th century, the forest type spread to Italy and France, where it indicated the king’s estate, and from here it passed to the German Forst and the Spanish and Portuguese floresta [1] (the l is due to the probable crossing with flora). Source:


My Arbor

The hotel offers an interesting experience, especially on an architectural level.
My Arbor is almost literally a love nest because it is built partly on pillars that resemble a treehouse. In fact, Arbor comes from Latin and means tree. This hotel is also located near the Plose ski area in Bressanone.

San Luis Lodges

A hotel with many chalets and real tree houses.
Despite being in Avalengo, near Merano, it seems to be in Canada. San Luis Lodges has its own charm! The chalets surround the small lake where you can swim. In addition, there is obviously also a normal swimming pool.


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The 5 Best Honeymoon Hotels in the Dolomites

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