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Best Places To Get Married Just The Two Of Us 

To elope outdoors is one of the most romantic things ever to do!As an elopement photographer born and living in the Italian Dolomites, I’m a huge fan of pretty places to elope outdoors, especially in the mountains – Personally, I think that the Dolomites are one of the best places to elope in the world!

It’s so hard to choose the Top Elopement Destinations because it’s plenty of beautiful places to elope in Italy, but I’ll introduce you to some elope locations that are all very different from each other.
In this blog post, I’m going to show you some of the prettiest places to elope in Italy, specifically in Northeast Italy.If you’re coming from a country outside the EU and want to legally get married in Italy, you can look up thelegal requirements you need to elope to Italy!


I’m going to give you names here, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!
Keep this in mind:

The probably best locations to elope don’t have a name and aren’t easy to discover on the internet. That’s where my VIP help comes in and where the magic happens!

I’m living in the Dolomites since my birth, and I went literally all my childhood up in the mountains. I’ve put together all the local knowledge over the last few years, in order to be able to give you the best possible local’s tips and to avoid tourists mistakes!


But First! Let’s Have a Look At The Location Search Triangle!

If you have never been to the Dolomites, it’s quite easy that you have fallen in love with Seceda, Lago di Braies, Alpe di Siusi or Tre Cime di Lavaredo! I know you! 😉
These are all pretty places to elope and to visit during your stay in the Dolomites. That’s why they became real Instagram Hotspots with 7k daily visitors during busy season! WOW! So let’s have a quick “Location Search Triangle”.

Unfortunately, you will see that it’s impossible to have 100% amazing views, privacy and easy access at once – but I surely can help you to find the best locations that fit your levels of comfort with all of them.

Elopement Location Search Triangle



Vallunga is situated in the beautiful Val Gardena. The walk through this Valley is super easy and the views on the Stevia Mount is spectacular. If you like to keep your hike a bit more easy peasy, you can walk back where you came from.
If you want to be more active, you can hike all around the mountains as well – this hike requires good conditions because it gets more difficult in the end and it’s about 5h of hiking.


Amazing Views: ♥
Easy Access: ♥♥♥


Is a super easy to reach elopement location in the Italian Dolomites! You can either walk up the 1h 30min pathway, or go up with the cable car.
Up here, you have only mountains and rocks with stunning panoramic views. This is the place to elope if you love mountains and want to be embraced by them when getting married “just the two of us”!

Phtographs:A Tale Of Two Lovers

Amazing Views: ♥♥♥
Easy Access: ♥♥♥
Privacy: ♥

Passo delle Erbe

Is also situated in the Val Badia and has one of the most spectacular views and mountain meadows in my eyes and is so one of the prettiest places to elope in the Dolomites.It’s super easy to reach as well, in about 15 minutes of walk.

Amazing Views: ♥♥
Easy Access: ♥♥♥
Privacy: ♥♥

Lago di Carezza

Is a rather well-known lake in the Dolomites and is located in Val D’Ega, which is a beautiful valley to elope in Italy. This lake is very easy to reach, though it could get a bit crowded in July and August.

Amazing Views: ♥♥
Easy Access: ♥♥♥
Privacy: ♥

Cascate di Riva

I had to show you one of the so many AMAZING waterfalls we have in the Dolomites because I love them! I think that they’re so dramatic and Cascate di Riva are in the Valle Aurina. There are more waterfalls and also other less-known lakes to visit.
Anyway, these are my favourites, because you can walk through the forests to get to them. There are 3 to see in about 2h of easy peasy walk! Each one is breathtaking. That’s why I think it’s one of the top elopement locations to elope outdoors. Especially if you would love to have a forest elopement ceremony! 


Amazing Views: ♥
Easy Access: ♥♥♥
Privacy: ♥♥

VIP Elope Locations

I think the above-mentioned elope locations are some of the most beautiful places to elope to Italy, BUT! There are also less-known and more secluded locations to elope!
Be aware that not each season is suitable to visit each of these places!
For clients that book me, I have 100+ VIP suggestions for locations to elope and tips on when to get married where. Some of the prettiest places to elope are scouted already and some are to be scouted, which I’ll do just for you!
There is no size fits all, I want to find the most beautiful places to elope in the world for you!

Contact Me For VIP Elope Locations!

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Top Elopement Destinations To Elope Outdoors - Elope In Italy | Cascate Di Riva Campo Tures

elopement is it the right choice - 10 signs eloping is the right thing for you


Have you ever asked yourself “Is a big wedding right for me?” and then secretly answered “Nope!” – Then asked yourself “Is an Elopement right for me?” and then got excited but also feared that good feeling a bit?

Here’s someone who gets you, and here’s some reassurance for you!

An elopement is not for everyone, exactly like a big wedding isn’t!
Don’t spend your money on a wedding that doesn’t give you the happiness you want.

You deserve to feel super excited about your wedding, and if you’re not stoked about a big or traditional wedding, then here are 10 signs an elopement is a perfect choice for you!

An Elopement is the best choice ever if you:

Love the intimacy of an elopement far more than the stress of a big wedding

Unlike big weddings we know, an elopement means a lot of freedom! It can be as exciting or relaxing as you want – the best of an elopement is that there are no rules. You can simply focus on what you love.


Want your wedding to be important, but in a different way

Smaller ≠ less important! You still value a wedding and you want it to be important – same but different!
You value different things that most people, possibly the intimacy, secluded places in nature and new exciting views.


Want to get married to your boo, having an experience for yourselves

Family drama and stress isn’t for you – even less if we’re talking about your wedding.  Getting married is something you don’t want tons of people getting involved in. It’s your business and you don’t want to share it with everyone! Having a small hike or just visit places you’ve never been to, is so much more valuable to you, than everything else during a big wedding.


You love quality time and that’s what you want for your big day too

Quality time, whatever this means to you, is holy for you as a couple! An Elopement is FULL of quality time and things you enjoy, and this is reason enough to leave every other expectation behind.


Feel at your ease with few but good people around you

You love to stay with few people at a time! If there should be some guests at your wedding, you couldn’t imagine inviting everyone you talked to once or even peeps you don’t really like. Amazing that with an Elopement you can create a safe bubble you enjoy to stay inside.

Love to be outdoors because nature really connects you

Nature is a place that gives you peace of mind or even gets you super excited about it. If you love to discover breathtaking places to say your vows privately, well, then definitely go for an elopement!


Are anticonformists – if there are things you desire to do opposite of all the others, you LOVE to go for them.

You stand for yourselves, you are unique and if there are things you love, you simply want them. No matter what. Breaking up with traditions is something you feel rather comfy with and that’s also a super good reason to just elope.


Are intentional people and don’t like doing things just because everyone does

If there is something you love, it’s definitely to do things your way and very intentionally.
To do things because everyone does is definitely NOT you! You gotta decide, period. 


Want to feel you’re in the right place at the right time. Exactly where you belong to.

Every one of us has a natural habitat and you can absolutely have your wedding ceremony in yours too! That’s empowering to the moon and back.


Love to invest time and money in your relationship to do whatever your hearts deeply wish for

Instead of having a big reception, you’d rather invest the time and money in some other activities like a long helicopter ride, trips, or fun activities to do at your wedding, because that matters more to you than meeting everyone else’s expectations.


Sounds like you? Then I might have some more amazeballs things to tell you!

Contact me to get more information about how your perfect elopement could look like! Or discover more about elopements.


Contact Me For Your Personalized Elopement

How To Plan A Wedding With No Guests

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Ellen Alfreider Pacchetto Di Matrimonio Sulle Dolomiti

Hi Friendo 😀
Here’s Your Dolomites Elopement Package Roadmap!

Here’s a detailed baby step roadmap ( I LOVE roadmaps!) of how it is like to work with me and why it benefits you as a client to be part of something different than usual. This guide will show you how I work through your perfect, unique Dolomites Elopement Package!


Why I Don’t Slam Pre-Made Elopement Packages On The Table & You just Pick One

I crafted this special and different process for you because I believe that you deserve tailored and personal things made from scratch, based on you! No couple is ever the same and you’re worth a day that resonates with your interests, dreams and wishes!


Contacting me

The first thing to do is very intuitive: you need to contact me and tell me about you.

I deeply believe everyone deserves to have a photographer they connect with 100%. So before giving you any sort of package, we first have to understand if we’re a good fit and if what I give you is what you’re searching for!
By doing so, I can give you more valuable, tailored tips later.

Contact Me


Free Videochat Consulting

(usually 3-10 days after enquiry)

I sincerely believe in building deep connections with my clients, so that I don’t have to give them random, useless tips! That’s why before giving you a random Dolomites Elopement Package, I want to see and hear from you through videochat.

In the Free Consulting we’ll get over these topics:

  • What is that you’re searching for!
  • Check what your personal pain points are & dream up your day a bit!
  • What is that I can give you to make your elopement experience as smooth as possible!


Tailored Elopement Package Proposal

(3-5 days after videochat)

After getting to know each other a bit, if we’re a good fit, you will get your personal proposal.
Here you will find the points I’ll help you with and get an idea of how your day could look like with how many hours I’ll be with you, to make your day as amazeballs as possible.

I’ll create a personal page, only you have access to for this step. I’ll be updating this page after your booking. You will have all the useful links and information in that place!
Ahhh I LOVE neatly organized stuff.


Booking Your Dolomites Elopement Package

(usually 1-10 days after proposal)

After signing the proposal and making the initial 40% deposit, you will have access to all my shiny unicorn superpowers! That means I’ll be helping you to craft your day and give you VIP information, location scouting and of course do the hard work for you: research based on even more info you will give me!
Here are some general tips on how to plan a wedding with no guests!


Questionnaire To Kickstart Your Elopement Planning

(1 day after booking)

I LOVE questionnaires and I LOVE information! This way it’s possible for me to give you info that actually serves for your specific elopement wedding, but doesn’t overwhelm you!

Overwhelming is a real thing and having to do research, dealing with too much noise on your own can be very frustrating. 


Personal & Specific Wedding Day(s) Outline

(3-5 days after questionnaire)

After the questionnaire is where the VIP stuff will happen! We dig deep into planning together.
Your proposal page will transform into a planning place full of links and useful information.
This step is about doing even more personalized research, giving you advanced specifics about how your day could look like and locations we can go to.
I want you to feel empowered about your day(s)! That’s why I will give you inspo and tips, but always let you enough space to decide what to do!

My job is to take you through the planning process roadmap, telling you what happens next without letting you guess.

During this step, we’ll make sure to set up a backup plan as well and update if there are any changes during your planning process.


Second Call

(1 month after specific wedding day(s) outline)

I’ll follow up with you after giving you the First Wedding Day Outline, so we can go through it all together and check if you have any more ideas and questions!

After this, your ideas and plans will be quite solid.


Enjoy Your Elopement Wedding!

Here it comes! The most exciting part of the whole process!

That’s the part I love the most – where I want to give you the best experience possible and third-wheeling you as a local friendo and take you to the most beautiful spots of the Dolomites and South Tyrol, avoiding crowds and tourists mistakes that end up in huge disappointments!


After The Wedding

You will still have me, and I’ll still have your back!

A preview of your most beautiful photos is awaiting already a few days after your day(s)! I’m as excited as you to see the photographs, and that’s why I don’t want you to wait a month before seeing at least some of them!


Extra Support Via Mail & Videochat

If you need any kind of extra support between the roadmap points, I’ll be glad to give it to you at no additional cost! Sometimes questions and unexpected problems arise through the process. I won’t let you alone with them.


Sounds like an awesome helpful process to go through??


Contact Me

How To Get Married In The Dolomites


Ringe für die Freie Trauung in den Bergen


Have you decided to get married in an unconventional way or completely alone, but you still have doubts about how to make your ceremony more unique?
As an intimate wedding & elopement photographer, I have some good advice to give you on symbolic wedding rituals!

Here is some inspiration for you on which rituals for a symbolic wedding ceremony exist and which ones could be a good fit for you! Whether for a romantic love escape for two or for a wedding with some guests and/or celebrant!

Plant a tree

The tree is the symbol of life in many cultures around the world.
During a wedding, planting a tree together means the birth and growth of a life together. The beauty of this ritual is that it is not of any culture or religion and therefore can be done at will, without cultural appropriation.

However, keep in mind that you cannot plant trees randomly and wherever you want. It is, therefore, necessary to organize a vase in which to plant it. Or in a modern way, plant a tree on the internet, giving yourself a paper certificate on your wedding day and doing good for the environment!


Rite of candles or rite of light

This rite is an ancient rite that seems to date back to paganism. The ritual of candles consists of lighting two candles (usually the long and thin ones) in the sign of one’s personality. Usually, parents turn them on, but you can also do it yourself.

After exchanging the rings, you can light the large candle with both of your candles, as a sign of the beginning of your new life together.
If your parents are not at your wedding but you want to take them with you simbolically, you can also have candles light in your home and re-light them when you get married.


wedding cord, also known as “God’s Knot”

Taken from the bible – there are three cords: the one in the middle represents god, and the side ones the spouses. By intertwining them, the union is symbolically created and at the end, a knot is made. Also called God’s knot. In fact, in English, you also say “To tie the knot” when you get married.
However, I think we can interpret it in a non-religious way and give the strings 3 different meanings. For example, values such as trust, loyalty and respect.



Handfasting is a neo-pagan / Celtic wedding ritual, which is used very often in the United States, Great Britain and Ireland.
This rite does not have great rules, but it is highly symbolic and attached to nature. In fact, the 4 ribbons stand for the 4 elements: Water, Fire, Earth, and Air and the colours of the ribbons have their own symbolism.

  • Red: passion
  • Yellow: trust
  • Green: prosperity
  • Orange: abundance
  • Blue: sincerity
  • Black: success
  • Purple: possession
  • Gray: contentment
  • White: peace and serenity
  • Rosa: the truth
  • Gold: wealth
  • Brown: the house
  • Silver: the values

It can be you or a celebrant who tie the ribbons.
After giving you the promises, you have to take off the ribbons without untying the knot. And keep the tapes as a reminder of each other’s vows.
Here is a typical text to be quoted during the ceremony:

“Ye are Blood of my Blood, and Bone of my Bone.
I give ye my Body, that we Two might be One.
I give ye my Spirit, ’til our Life shall be Done.

You cannot possess me for I belong to myself
But while we both wish it, I give you that which is mine to give
You cannon command me, for I am a free person
But I shall serve you in those ways you require
and the honeycomb will taste sweeter coming from my hand.”


Wine Ceremony

The origins of this ritual are unknown. However, it can be given many meanings and made completely unique.
This ceremony consists of pouring two different bottles of wine together and creating your own wine – a symbol of a new life together. Usually white and red are used.
The created wine will be put aside in a box, with letters for each other and opened on the day of the first anniversary or on another important date for you.
It is always a good idea to seek advice from a wine expert before making a bad mix.


Ritual of the sand

Much like the wine ceremony, it symbolizes a new life together.
Unlike the wine ceremony, the sand also symbolizes the individuality of people despite being linked. During this ritual, at least 3 glass containers are used. 2 have sand of different colours and in the third, the empty one, the sand is poured little by little.

Invitees can do this too – in this case, each colour stands for the wishes of the person pouring them out.

Sand Ritual Wedding Ceremony


Ring Warming

The best of this ritual is that you can do it at home, and take all your loved ones with you in a symbolic way!
The ring warming, an Anglo-Saxon rite, in fact, involves passing the wedding rings through the hands of your loved ones, as a sign of their prayer, affection and protection.
The wedding rings can be loose or put in a small bag. The important thing is that they manage to warm up.


Oath Stone

Another very ancient Celtic ritual, linked to nature.
Holding a stone in your hands during the wedding celebration means combining the energy of nature and those of the couple created at the time of the exchange of promises.
To make everything even more unique, you can engrave your initials in the stone. Obviously, the stone must be held in the hand during the exchange of vows and kept as a sign of your connection.


Vows or letters

These rites are very classic and simple but at the same time perhaps the most intimate.
Writing promises or letters to read to each other creates a very emotional moment. And if you get married alone, it will be a moment where you can tell each other whatever you want, without anyone listening.
You can either read what your partner has written for you or read to your partner what you have written for him/her.


Toast for two

The toast is an ancient ritual, probably born spontaneously to thank the nature of good wine. The meanings are many and they are different in many languages, so it is good to give your own meaning to the toast during your wedding.
Toast to your marriage, to new life or simply to your health!

Couple Lying On The Mountain Grass Having A Toast For Two On Their Wedding Day To Celebrate


Did you like this post? Read more, or contact me for your wedding!
I will be happy to be your photographer and give you other tips on how to have an elopement for two !

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Rituals For A Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

coppia che si bacia in inverno in montagna


Are you looking for a romantic hideaway for your honeymoon? So, I may have some suggestions for you!
In the Dolomites, you will find many places surrounded by nature!
I think there is nothing more magical than nature itself, which offers moments of mindfulness and emotion.
I have chosen some of the best hotels (in my eyes), relatively small and secluded, each with its own uniqueness!


Adler Spa Resorts

Lodge Alpe & Lodge Ritten

Il punto forte di Adler é il mix tra il benessere e la salute. Un concetto di Hotel per sé, dove uno si sente davvero a casa ma viziato come in un albergo. Amo i loro piccoli chalet appartati, che danno un senso di casa e unicità. Davvero ottimo per una luna di miele romantica.
Adler Lodge Alpe si trova sull’Alpe di Siusi. In inverno si può saltar fuori dal letto, direttamente sulle piste da sci haha! Mentre Adler Ritten si trova sul Renon.

Terra – The Magic Place

For lovers of starred cuisine, Terra – The Magic Place is the right place!
The cuisine of the starred chef Heinrich Schneider I would describe as very delicate, natural and genuine.
A hotel in the middle of Val Sarentino, with a view on the Dolomites. The name doesn’t promise too much, because the place is truly magical.


Honeymoon dolomites mountain - couple in the mountains Seiser Alm - Alpe di Siusi - Adler Lodge


Where the minimum is the maximum! A hotel in the middle of the forest (as the name already says) is located in Bressanone, close to (if not on) the Plose ski area.
Forestis is the right place for those who need a romantic honeymoon in total silence, relaxation and minimalistic luxury.
Also interesting to know, because it fits perfectly with the concept of the hotel: The word forest comes from the Latin [silva] forestis (attested in 576; from foris “outside”) [1], “[forest] outside”, then passed to the declension in -a [2]. However the most logical etymology, is from “foris” meaning “entrance, door” since the forest was seen as the entrance into the magical world of the gods where every plant, tree or animal was sacred. [citation needed] The term is modeled on agrestis and campestris to indicate plants outside the enclosure [1]. From the 8th century, the forest type spread to Italy and France, where it indicated the king’s estate, and from here it passed to the German Forst and the Spanish and Portuguese floresta [1] (the l is due to the probable crossing with flora). Source:


My Arbor

The hotel offers an interesting experience, especially on an architectural level.
My Arbor is almost literally a love nest because it is built partly on pillars that resemble a treehouse. In fact, Arbor comes from Latin and means tree. This hotel is also located near the Plose ski area in Bressanone.

San Luis Lodges

A hotel with many chalets and real tree houses.
Despite being in Avalengo, near Merano, it seems to be in Canada. San Luis Lodges has its own charm! The chalets surround the small lake where you can swim. In addition, there is obviously also a normal swimming pool.


Do you like these HOneymoon Hotels and would love to make your honeymoon even more special with some photographs?

Let’s have a couple photoshoot in the Dolomites organized for you and make your honeymoon even more memorable!

Contact Me

Info & Pricing

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The 5 Best Honeymoon Hotels in the Dolomites