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Coronavirus Wedding – This Crisis Is Your Chance To Elope

Let’s have a Coronavirus Wedding!
2021 is a hard time for couples and weddings! Some couples can’t even meet each other because they live in another region or country.

The Coronavirus has changed us and the world. Coronavirus & Weddings are not supposed to get along together.
But hey! There are alternatives too –
where there is the will there is a way.

Mountain Wedding – Elopement in Alta Badia

1) You don’t have to take responsibility for anybody’s health but yours!

Well, this sounds so egoistic, but it’s not.
This is a severe thing at the moment, and you can feel very guilty about the health of family and friends who are invited to your wedding. Your family and friends could be afraid too, to attend your wedding during the Coronavirus pandemic. You don’t want that one of your loved ones could get ill because you had to get married during this Coronavirus pandemic. These issues are all serious, and no one should be blamed for this.

Less Worries

That’s why a coronavirus wedding is a good chance to get married anyway and safely. An alternative wedding for two decreases definitely the chance to get ill. For you and your loved ones.
Being responsible for two people is absolutely easier than being responsible for 20 or more. And said between you and me: If you elope, you can be more relaxed, at least you know your family and friends are safe at home.

Above this, your loved ones could understand your choice even better! That’s great! And you know what?
You can have a small party at home too when you and your family and friends feel safe.
You don’t have to give up anything! Who says you can celebrate your wedding on just one day or in just one way?

Mountain Wedding – October Wedding – Alta Badia & Val Gardena


2) You don’t have to schedule every minute of your timeline and anybody will be upset by changes or delays!

This one sounds like a dream wedding, doesn’t it?
As I’ve seen in traditional weddings, schedules are so important, and I’ve never seen a single wedding where everything went exactly how the couple and guests expected.
This often leads to unhappiness and sometimes anxiety. If you’re having an elopement wedding during the Coronavirus crisis, you don’t have to worry about anybody who’s coming late, who’s going too early, who doesn’t like the meal – the list could go on forever.
If you’ve ever attended a traditional wedding, you know what I’m talking about.
A good point to elope is that you can schedule your day however you want. Having some fixed points is always good, but not having a strict timeline is far less stressful – and stress is the last thing you need right now!

Mountain Wedding – September Wedding – Alta Badia

3) You can Have a last-minute Coronavirus Wedding – with less organization!

Changing plans is not so easy, but what if you really want to get married in 2020 and not any other time?
You probably have to change plans and go your way. The cool thing about elopements is that it is okay to wait until last minute and decide rather spontaneously to pack and get married somewhere you love. Having an epic “Coronavirus Wedding for two”.

Organizing a coronaviruswedding and flee away to get married is far less stressful than expected. You don’t necessarily need months and months of organization. If you’re from European Schengen Countries and want to get married in The Italian Dolomites or Austria for example, you definitely have to do a lot less bureaucracy!
Just get more info at your Hometown or get more official information here and start your journey as soon as you know you can travel safely!

Mountain Wedding – September Wedding – Alta Badia – Piz La Villa

4) You have the chance to go away from home again – and do it epically!

Let’s be honest! The quarantine has been awful. The uncertainty was totally unpleasant! But it’s time to move on.
See the colours of the world again, and travel. The safety measures are very strict in public everyday life and spaces. If you have some common sense and respect for other people, you can make it to travel around safely too!
If you wanted to go on a honeymoon as well this year, well now you can decide to get married ON your honeymoon!

Go for it and kill two birds with one stone! A coronavirus wedding can be so romantic! Hell yes!
Nobody but you is the one who decides about what your day should be. Take the chance to break all the traditional wedding rules, go your way.
Eloping is always a good choice in my eyes, but in 2020 it’s even more epic. You can smell the outdoors and freedom again, and you will forever cherish this. So double yes for an enchanting elopement in 2020.

Mountain Wedding – August Wedding – Alta Badia – Passo Gardena, Colfosco


5) You have one more reason to celebrate your day how the hell you wish!

The Corona Crisis is one more reason to celebrate your day because you make it anyway but responsibly.
And you can do it however you wish – doing whatever makes you feel nice and fluffy! Is it a picnic? A small hike?
Or a trip with your oldtimer car? Whatever it is, go for it!

Now more than ever, go for a wedding day that reflects you 100%! Don’t let your family influence you more than it should. You can always have your tiny party when you’re back home and feel safe because, in the end, you love your relatives too.
To elope doesn’t mean to hate the family and you’re an egoistic or careless person, but explaining them you will be back and have a party with them too, can help them understand why you do what you do.

Putting your biggest love and wishes before fears and concerns of others is now the most important thing.
Forget about having to please everybody else with your wedding cake, your wedding vows or your wedding party. Your day should feel right to you. Be 100% honest with yourself – it will help you to understand if you really want to postpone your wedding for your family or if want to get married anyway this year
If you’re here, you’re probably looking for an epic wedding day anyway and maybe you have changed your mind about what your perfect luxury Coronavirus Wedding should actually look like.

Mountain Wedding – Winter Wedding – Alta Badia – Vallon, Corvara

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